men's expert for writers who blog or author news stories for magazines and newspapers Men’s Expert for Article, Blog Post or News Story

Do you need a men’s expert for an article you are writing for publication in a magazine, newspaper or blogpost? Searching for a mental health expert that’s knowledgeable on men’s issues? Hunting for a professional who can speak about men and relationships, men and love, men’s health topics and general male psychology?

If the answer is yes, you have come to the right place.

Guy Counseling editor, Dr. John Moore, makes his services available to freelance writers and other content creation staff who author pieces focused on male topics.

Dr. John D. Moore

Thumbnail Sketch of Men’s Expert: Dr. Moore

  • PhD in Psychology
  • Masters of Business Administration (MBA)
  • Licensed Mental Health Therapist
  • Board Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
  • Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
  • University Professor and academic consultant
  • Host of The Men’s Self Help Podcast Show
  • Author of Confusing Love with Obsession
  • Author of numerous articles related to men
  • Blogger for popular psychology site, Psychcentral
  • Practicing mental health counselor specializing in men’s issues.

the mens self help podcastMen’s Expert Topics for Interviews

If you are writing an article on a topic related to guys and need a men’s expert, Dr. Moore can provide the background information you need, including interviews and quotes, to help your piece really shine.

Examples men’s expert topics he can address include:

  • Men and relationships
  • The psychology of men
  • Men’s health and wellness issues
  • How men operate in love and relationships
  • How men break up in relationships
  • The secret language of men
  • How guys think and respond to various situations
  • Challenges men face in personal communications
  • Myths about men
  • Men, work, and careers
  • Business and workplace issues related to guys
  • Analysis and commentary on scientific studies related to men, lifestyle, and behavior. Please note, I am not a medical doctor so if you need medical analysis, please consider another source.
  • Men’s grooming topics
  • Men and self-esteem
  • Men, Hollywood, and male celebrities topics

men's expert for interviews in mediaExpert in Men’s Behavior

Dr. John Moore teaches graduate level courses in human behavior and business at NYIT and American Military University. He is particularly knowledgeable on male psychology and has written extensively on these topics.

He has also served as a media consultant to various publications and has been quoted in nationally syndicated magazines and newspapers. Examples can be found in this piece from Billboard or this article from Cosmo.

where to find a mens expert for blog posts newspapers and magazinesMen’s Expert FAQ

If I am writing an article or blog post on men’s issues and interview Dr. Moore, is there a fee?

Absolutely not. I only request that you link to the Guy Counseling main page ( or to a post on the Guy Counseling website that relates to your piece.

What’s the best way to arrange an interview or get a quote for my article or blog post?

The simplest and probably quickest way is to send an email to this address: I prefer email because it allows me to have a record of your exact question.

You can also use this contact form.

If you need to arrange a telephone number, please send a note via email and we can make arrangements.

When you write, put in the subject line: Interview request and the name of your publication.

In the body of your email, write down exactly what you are writing about and include any associated links for background. For example, if you are writing about a scientific study and need me to review and offer opinions, embed the study link.

I am trying to promote a product and want it to appear on Guy Counseling. Can I contact you for this?

Sorry but I offer media interviews for magazines, newspapers, and blog posts only. Please do not send me email to market your products or services. That’s not the purpose of Guy Counseling.