5 Signs That Someone Likes You Back


How do you know if someone is into you?

Have you ever worried about whether the person you’re into is into you back? This is an age old question that every person feels, and can feel, from birth to their dying days.

But how can you tell if that person does like you back? The answer is actually fairly simple. Effort.

The key to the beginning of a relationship is how much effort a person is putting into it. More specifically, is that person putting in the work to talk to and be with you? We often like to ignore signs that say no to this question, but the answer will always be there as clear as day.

So, if you need a little more convincing, here’s a list of five signs that someone likes you back.

1. Do You Get A Text Back?

Communication is key when it comes to a relationship. How can you build something with someone if the other side isn’t talking?

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The first thing to look for is to see if they text you back. It’s a simple as that. No, we don’t mean be concerned if the person didn’t text you back for a few hours or even a day. A one-time thing, or even a few times, isn’t so bad.

What we’re talking about is checking if the crush puts any effort into texting you back on a regular basis. If it’s become the status quo for you to text and for messages to be ignored, you’ve got a problem.

If it’s become the norm to get long breaks before a reply, the person is giving you a clear sign. They just aren’t as invested in you as you are in them.

2. Do They Text You First?

Going off of that, you want to make sure you aren’t always the one texting first.

Again, the goal in these five signs that someone likes you back is to find out if the girl puts any effort into you. If she never initiates conversation, that shows that she’s not interested.

Now, of course, we guys are taught that we should be the ones leading. We should be the ones providing and acting because that’s what the man does. But here’s the thing, times are changing. Men don’t have to take action first and always be the commanding role in a relationship. We’re not saying let the other person always lead, but know that they can take charge too.

All that’s to say, we men don’t have to chase all the time. Stable relationships are give and take, and that means your crush has to try (like initiating conversations) every now and then too.

3. Do You Meet Up?

But once everything’s said and done, you need to spend time with someone in order to date them. If that person isn’t putting in effort to be with you, you’ve got a problem.

This means, are they asking you to go out or saying yes when you ask to meet up? If your crush is replying no or not asking you, you know their mind isn’t on you.

Seriously guys, this is an easy one. If they aren’t working to be somewhere with you, then that’s how you know they aren’t interested in you.

4. How Often?

And then how often do you two meet up? Is that person busy all the time?

Now, the person you like might have a legitimate excuse for why they can’t hang out with you. Maybe she’s working hard on her career and her schedule is spotty. Maybe she have prior engagements she can’t get out of (hopefully, not dates with other guys). But here’s the thing, a legitimate excuse it’s still an excuse.

Then, the ball is in your court. Are you willing to be put on hold? Are you cool with that person being busy all the time? Can you wait?

On top of that, you want to be as understanding as possible, but you can’t let yourself get sidelined. Is that person honestly busy, or are they just too busy for you?

5. She Acknowledges You

Lastly, when you two do spend time together, how does she act? Does she act shy? Does she act embarrassed to be seen with you? Or, does she shine when you’re around?

You should always know when a girl likes you because she’ll light up when you’re with her. Most people smile when they’re with a crush or someone they like. On top of that, they try to get your attention by doing little things like laughing at your jokes or touching you playfully.

But here’s the kicker (and sadly, it’s one you might miss), how does she look at you? There’s a certain look people give towards a crush or someone they like. It’s as if they’re saying, “I see you. I’m looking at you.”

When somebody likes you, they’ll look at you with meaning. Doesn’t have to be all dramatic and cheesy. In fact, it can be very subtle, but it’ll always be there.

Don’t Ignore Or Excuse The Signs

What you need to remember is to check and see if that person you like is putting any effort into you or being with you. We all know if a person is treating us right, but we sometimes ignore the five signs that someone likes you back or the signs that they don’t. If you felt the need to search “Do they like me?” or to click on this article, you already have your answer. You just don’t want to listen to it.

When someone likes you or is into you, they’ll let you know. They’ll message you, they’ll be there with you, they’ll offer to help you, they’ll want to continuously show you that they like you.

Remember, if they like you, they’ll let you know. If they don’t like you, they’ll let you know. You just have to stop denying the signs.

Here’s a link to a good Facebook video that explores this topic more.

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