Egg Beaters for Body Builders

High Protein Breakfast 5 Minutes or Less

One of the main challenges for many body builders is having enough time to prepare a breakfast that is low in fat, high in protein and simple to make. I am going to walk you through a very real breakfast option that you can make in five minutes or less that provides a super easy option for breakfast that gives you the essential nutrients you need as a lifter and do so without sacrificing taste. This breakfast also doesn’t load you up with unwanted fats and calories.

marco dapper

The inspiration for what appears here comes from studying Hollywood celebrities. Many male actors who are into body building are constantly on the run, moving from one filming scene to the next at a dizzying pace. This kind of lifestyle means they need to find quick meal options that hit the trifecta of low fat, high protein and short prep time.

Marco Dapper, an actor who is into fitness and played the part of Carmine Basco on CBS’s Young and the Restless comes to mind. He has an kick-butt bod and has somehow found the ability to fit in healthy eating and working out while also holding a challenging schedule for a television show that airs five days a week. 

egg beaters

Here is what you need:

  1. 1 Cup of Egg Beaters Original (store brand version OK)
  2. Dash of Pepper
  3. ½ Cup of Left of Chicken or Turkey
  4. 1 Slice of Fat Free Cheese (optional)


  1. Pour egg beaters into a microwave safe bowl.
  2. Add dash of pepper
  3. Add chicken or turkey
  4. Tear cheese into strips and toss into bowl

When all of the ingredients are in the bowl, take a fork and whisk/mix them together. Place bowl in microwave and set to HIGH for 3 minutes (some microwaves may require four minutes, depending upon wattage). After 2 minutes, take a fork and swirl eggs mixture together to help keep consistency and avoid globing.  


If you want extra flavor, you can pick up the Southwest version of Eggbeaters or throw in a dash of your favorite spice. Some people also like to use one tablespoon of low calorie maple syrup.

CALORIES                 TOTAL FAT                         PROTEIN

245                                   3                                      19

Final Thoughts

You can everything you need for this meal for less than five dollars, assuming you have some left-over chicken or turkey. If you don’t have left over poultry, you can easily grab some Brown and Serve Turkey links (fat content 2.7 grams).


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