What Dreams About Fish Mean

fish dream
Dreaming about fish?

Dreams About Fish Explained

Having dreams about fish? Trying to understand what they mean and symbolize? Hoping to get straightforward answers so that you can make an interpretation?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. This page is all about fish in dreams, including why they appear and what their presence may be telling you.

On this page, you will learn:

  • The basic meaning of fish in dreams
  • What dreams about fish eggs mean
  • The relationship between fish, dreams, and fertility
  • What dreams about eating fish mean
  • What dreams about cooking a fish mean
  • The meaning of dead fish in dreams
  • Fish tank dream analysis
  • Why you dreamed about someone fishing
  • Fishing rod dreams explained
  • Fishhooks in dreams and their meaning
  • Why jellyfish appear in your dreams
  • What starfish signify in dreams
  • Cultural interpretation of fish and dreams
  • The color of fish in dreams

As a counselor who works a lot around dream material, I can’t tell you how many times people (clients and students) have come to me with the question: Why am I dreaming of fish?

Therefore, the goal of this page is to help you get at the answers in a way that is devoid of psycho-babble and instead, focuses on dream content and meaning.

Much of what follows draws upon the teachings of Carl Jung, the famous Swiss Psychiatrist who used material from dreams to help people with interpretation.

As part of his work, Jung infused elements of psycho-spiritualism; a fancy term that describes the blending of psychological concepts with spirituality.

Using this approach, for example, one can better understand what rats in dreams mean. What’s important to recognize now is that any object (living or dead) that you see in a dream can’t be taken at face value. Instead, it is best to look at the material through the lens of symbolism.

Now, let’s move on to exploring why you are seeing fish in dreams. Check it out.

dreaming about fish
Was a fish swimming in your dream?

Dreaming of Swimming Fish

If you are dreaming about fish swimming, it may indicate a problem or issue that your mind is processing, manifested in the form of a water-based life.

On this point, you’ll want to look at not just the fish but also the water in which it was swimming.

Possible interpretations:

  • If you saw the fish swimming in clear water, your problem is uncomplicated.
  • If the fish was swimming in murky water, your problem is complex.
  • If the fish was staring at you, it could mean you are avoiding an obvious life issue that needs immediate attention.

Dreams About Fish Eggs

Did you have a dream about fish eggs? If the answer is yes, this is a strong subconscious signal that your psyche is pushing you towards new beginnings.

When you think about this, doesn’t it make sense? Eggs are symbolic of birth and life. Your brain conjured up this imagery for a reason. But why?

Common interpretations include:

  • A desire for a new relationship or change in your love life.
  • A subconscious desire for children. Women and men both have these types of dreams.
  • Encouragement from the psyche to move forward with an idea you have been contemplating.
  • A symbolic push to change life course.

Do Dreams about Fish Eggs Relate to Fertility?

Many women have asked me if dreams about fish eggs somehow relate to fertility. The simple answer is nobody knows for sure however, I have plenty of women say that shortly after having this type of dream, they became pregnant.

Possible meanings for fish and fertility.

  • Watching a fish swim may represent conception.
  • Seeing a white fish in the ocean may represent sperm.
  • Seeing a fish swimming in a cave may symbolize the vagina.
  • Seeing a bloated fish could represent pregnancy.
Did you eat fish in your dreams?
Eating fish in dreams

Why am I Dreaming of Eating Fish?

Did you dream about eating a fish? In the psycho-spiritual sense, this could be good news. According to the ancients, whenever you dream about eating a sea-based creature, you are taking in new knowledge from mother nature.

In addition, fish-eating dreams can also symbolize your victory over a problem, large or small. The critical thing to realize is that in almost all interpretations of dream material, ingesting a fish is considered a positive activity.

Dreams About Cooking Fish

In your dream, did you see yourself or someone else cooking a fish? If so, it usually is a manifestation of what has been described above.

In other words, cooking, frying or baking the fish means you have solved something challenging and are ready to move on.

Dreams About Cleaning Fish

You may have dreams about cleaning a fish. Common things people see themselves doing include washing, gutting, and filleting the fish.

Regardless of the activity, all typically suggest the subconscious working through of a life challenge by creating clarity. When you think about this for a moment, on an intuitive level, doesn’t it ring true?

When you clean glass, you do it so that you (and others) can see better. It’s the same thing with cleaning a fish, just on a deeper, subconscious level.

dead fish in dreams
What are dead fish in dreams about?

Dreams about Dead Fish

Have you dreamed about dead fish? Did you see just one or were there many? Knowing the answer may help to create meaning.

While there is no way to know for certain, many believe dreams about dead fish symbolize death, loss, and grief. Often, dead fish dreams pop up in close proximity to the passing of a loved one.

Common interpretations include:

  • A deep disappointment or regret.
  • Unprocessed grief or loss.
  • Concerns about finances.
  • Worries about ending something prematurely.
  • The end of a romantic relationship.
  • Symbolic of being over your ex.
  • A manifestation of your anxiety about harming someone.
Fish tank
Fish tanks in dreams

Fish Tank Dreams

In the psychological sense, a fish tank or bowl represents the open subconscious. The fish swimming inside of the container is symbolic of your emotions; feelings, problems, hopes, and desires.

The number of fish swimming in the tank speaks to critical issues that are at the forefront of your psyche.

Common interpretations include:

  • Your mind trying to isolate an emotion.
  • The subconscious compartmentalizing a life event.
  • A detachment of yourself from others.
  • A desire to be with family or a group.
  • Your desire to hide from people in a safe, free place.
  • A need to “swim with others” who think like you.
  • Symbols for your ex-partners (boyfriends or girlfriends)
  • Symbolic of someone you are crushing on

Dreams about Someone Fishing

Whenever you dream about someone fishing, the ancients suggest that wisdom – in some way – is being imparted. The act of fishing itself isn’t nearly as important as who is doing the fishing.

The fisherman (man or woman) is trying to teach you something. Again, it’s all about the person holding the fishing rod or net.

Typical interpretations include:

  • A parent trying to share knowledge with you.
  • Your grandfather or grandmother attempting to gift you something.
  • An old man hoping to share life experiences with you.
  • An old woman trying to “show you the ropes”.

Dreams about Ice Fishing

If you dreamed about ice fishing, either yourself or with someone else, the dream could be about breaking through emotional or psychological barriers.

Many students who are studying for exams have ice fishing dreams. Couples, contemplating divorce, also have reported similar subconscious imagery.

Should you have this type of dream, it may help you to reflect on current events happening in your life. Are you trying to work through something difficult? Has the experience been emotional?

Food for thought.

Fishing Rod Dreams

If you are dreaming about a fishing rod, it likely has something to do with knowledge. Rods, poles, and sticks in dreams almost always speak to insight and wisdom.

Ask yourself: Who was holding the pole? Was it someone you know or love? If so, your mind has conjured up a familiar person to communicate a solution to a problem.

Focus your awareness on this person and think about what they are trying to communicate. More often than not, this type of dream is about helping solve life issues.

fishhooks in dreams
Fishhooks in dreams

Dreams About Fishhooks

Many people dream of fishhooks. Sometimes the hook has one prong. Other times, it has three. Regardless of type, these dreams [typically] relate to addiction.

Common fishhook dream meanings include:

  • Subconscious worries about being hooked on a person.
  • Anxiety about being dependent on a substance.
  • Food-based anxiety about gaining weight and not being able to stop eating.
  • Feeling “hooked into” doing something you don’t want to.

Dreaming about Jellyfish

Did you dream about a jellyfish? If so, this could be your mind’s way of introducing painful material that you are trying to avoid.

While not always the case, most jellyfish are transparent. Still, even when swimming underwater, they can be seen with the naked eye.

I’m mentioning this because, in the metaphorical sense, this could be what your mind is doing – presenting a problem that is still floating around that needs attention.

Typical jellyfish dream interpretations include:

  • A past trauma that has not been fully processed.
  • Phobias and fears that are being ignored.
  • Pain from the loss of a loved one that has not been dealt with.
  • Hidden anger or hostility towards another that has been compartmentalized and hidden away (but still present).
  • Deeply held concerns about self-esteem and body image, which are manifested through the subconscious, in the form of a fish.
starfish in your dreams
Starfish hold great spiritual meaning

Starfish in Dreams

Did you dream about a starfish? Did pick this sea creature up from the beach? According to ancient legend, starfish appear in dreams to inform the dreamer they are on the right path.

They also symbolize traits of your personality and act as visual reminders of your uniqueness in life. When you see a starfish in your dreams, consider this object as a metaphor for your inner voice and spirit.

Cultural Representations of Fish in Dreams

Throughout history, mankind has spoken about the meaning of fish in a variety of ways. For example, people who believe in the traditions of horoscopic astrology recognize the fish as the symbol for Pisces.

There is no way I could list all the different depictions of fish in human culture because this page would never end. Instead, I’ve tried to touch on the “biggies”.

Common cultural meanings of fish in dreams:

  • The Greeks gave us “Delphos” which translated means dolphin and subsequently, womb.
  • Ancient pagans believed eating fish meant taking in wisdom.
  • Some Asian cultures believe seeing fish in dreams is a sign of good luck.
  • Sicilians have long held that dead fish in dreams is a sign of bad luck.
  • Some Native Indian tribes hold the belief that dreams about fish are akin to dreams about money.
  • Some South American cultures believe that seeing two fish swimming together is about a shared journey.
  • The ancient Romans believed seeing a baby fish was a sign of a pregnancy to come.
Multi-color fish in dreams
Fish color meaning in dreams

Color of Fish – Dream Meaning

A lot of people are curious about what the color of fish means in a dream. There’s no hard and fast rule, however, in the psychological sense, colors often hold significance.

Here are some common beliefs about what fish colors and dreams:

  • Gold – Money, finances and wealth.
  • Blue – Sadness, depression, fear, and worry.
  • Black – Death, dying, infidelity and fear of loss.
  • Green – Health, wellness, wisdom, logic, and the body.
  • Red – Anxiety, attention, speed, and resilience.
  • Yellow – Friendship, relationships, and family.
  • Purple – Passion, romance, love, and fidelity.
  • Bi-Color fish represent a mixture of the above.

Dream Interpretation Wrap Up

Dreams about fish are common. They also can be fun. Regardless of your dream’s content, it’s wise to think of the imagery you witnessed symbolically instead of literally.

A terrific way to do this is by picking up a dream interpretation book. Personally, I have found The Complete Dictionary of Dreams by Michael Lennox to be very helpful (See Amazon).

Finally, you may find keeping a dream journal useful in your quest for insight. Look for themes and reoccurring images. This can help you to put together a mental mosaic and decode what your mind may be telling you.

Thanks for stopping by.


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