Get Rid of Belly Fat: 5 Mindful Tips!

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Get Rid of Belly Fat Through Mindfulness

If you are hoping to find ways to get rid of belly fat naturally, you aren’t alone. Most people who struggle with belly fat around the midsection are eager to find efficient, drug-dree ways to lose weight and slim down. And let’s face it – getting rid of belly fat certainly helps to boost our self-esteem and level of confidence!

Get Rid of Belly Fat Mindfully

I have written about the construct of mindfulness based living in the past. While this is not a new construct in the field of behavioral science, it is something that is beginning to gain traction in the world strength training and conditioning. The fundamental principle of mindfulness is for you as a person to become more aware of your body and your immediate environment.

When you think about it, mindfulness fits perfectly with wellness seekers, athletes and other individuals just like you because it focuses attention on the here and now. By taking this approach, you are able to let go of barriers from the past while releasing anxiety about the future.

What follows are 5 mindfulness based tips for you to get rid of belly fat that you might consider for use as part of your own approach to self-care. Use what feels right and adapt to your own needs.

Are you ready? Let’s jump right in!

get rid of belly fat mindfully
Five Mindful Tips for Losing Belly Fat

1. Become more aware of your abdominals

One of the best ways you can create change around your midsection and move about the business of getting rid of belly fat is to simply be more aware of your abdominals. I am not talking about what your abs look like. Instead, I am suggesting that you educate yourself on what the abdominal muscles do and where they are located.

You can’t effectively get rid of belly fat if you don’t know which muscles to exercise in order to make them more visible. It is for this reason that education is vital. In fact, here’s your first mindful exercise on abdominal awareness: try touching your abdominal muscles right now – what do they feel like?

2. Live in the here and now

A second mindfulness based concept I would like you to consider is to simply live in the here and now. You may be wondering how this relates to getting rid of body fat. The answer is simple. When you are not living in the here and now, you are living in either the past or the future. Both places can be sources of anxiety, which can lead to stress eating.

By living in this moment – as in this very second in time – you can focus your attention on wellness based activities that promote stronger muscles and the loss of belly fat. It’s that simple.

3. Stop the excuses

Most people who have tried to get rid of belly fat in the past and pack on new muscle have fallen victim to their own excuses. While some of these reasons are legitimate (at times) they are not a permission slip to blow off physical activity in perpetuity. If you really want to get rid of belly fat, you are going to need to stop engaging in learned helplessness.

Mindfulness based approaches require that we become brutally honest with ourselves and confront the barriers we have created on our own path to wellness.

4. Know your body type

This may seem like a silly point but it is more important than you might think. All of us have different physiques. Some of us are tall and some of us are short. You may have a genetically predispositioned physique that allows you to lose or gain weight without much effort.

On the flipside, you may also have the type of body that struggles to get rid of body fat or add new muscle. Knowing your specific somatotype (body type) is a critical element with helping you create effective workout plans. Learn everything you can about your body, including its strengths and weaknesses.

5.  Study the success of others

A final mindful way of getting rid of belly fat is to simply study the success of others. What did this person do to help them shed flab from their midsection? What are some of the approaches they took that you might borrow from on your own quest to getting rid of flab?

Many celebrities use mindfulness based approaches that help them to look slimmer, younger and healthier. Make sure you do your research well and extract at least one thing from that person that you can use as a personal take-away.

get rid of belly fat

Final Thoughts

To keep it real, I recognize losing belly fast isn’t easy. This is why I am suggesting mindfulness as an approach to consider as part of a comprehensive approach to weight loss.

There is a very helpful book I would like to recommend entitled: Belly Fat Effect by Mike Mutzel. Inside, he gives you lots of science based information on how your body stores belly fat and the changes you can make to lose it.


I commend you for taking the time to learn more about natural ways to get rid of belly fat through mindfulness based living. I think you will find that this particular approach is useful in other areas of life, including stress management.

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