How To Have A Great Love Life…Even If You Lack Direction

Dating systems

When we first start to get to know something, we just see the shallow waters.

But as we explore it further, we start to understand the underlying principles behind the shallow waters.

Or the way that the “water moves.” By going deep, we spot the patterns that are repeating themselves over and over.

These are known as the rules of the industry. And they can be applied to every single industry/topic/branch we have today.

Dating is not an exception to that. Dating has its own underlying principles, patterns, and systems that govern it.

And we have gone deep into those systems and spotted similarities with business systems. These systems will give us more structure in dating, divide sectors so that we know what works good but also show us our weakest points so that we know what we need to improve.

Dating has, as a business, only 3 systems that we need to set in place to have a successful love life.

1. “Lead generation”

For a business to succeed, you need to have a group of people (target audience) who you think might be interested in purchasing your product/service. These people are known as leads.

Lead generation is multiple ways you find those people and start communicating with them so that they eventually buy your products.

Lead generation in dating starts with defining your target audience. If you are after girls age 18-23, you will probably find them at college parties or university campuses. If you are after girls 30-35 years old, you will probably find them at bars in business areas etc.

people partying in a smoked room

Now, when you have your target audience and a couple of spots where you think you might find them, it’s time to move to the next system.

2. “Customer acquisition”

Okay, so now we know our target audience and we know where they hang out, it’s time for us to CONVERT those people from LEADS to CUSTOMERS.

Converting leads to customers is the main deal in business. A lead by itself has no value unless it’s converted into a customer. Because that is actually the moment they say yes and buy your product/service. A paying customer is what makes your business a real business.

In dating, you find the girls which you are interested in at places where you think they hang out. And when you do, it’s time to do your magic. It’s time for your to apply game and have them give you their number, kiss you or go home with you.

It really depends on how you measure success with girls in this period of your game.

If you are just starting out in the dating world, a number is a really good success indicator. If you are an intermediate and above, getting a girl to come home with you should be the success indicator.

But what happens when you get her number, kiss her or pull her home?

The third system comes into play.

3. “Customer retention”

In business, it’s easier to keep selling to a person who is already a customer then it is to get a new customer. It is easy to even upsell the current customer a product/service which is more expensive or demands a higher input from the customer in form of time, money and effort.

This is known as customer retention. The ability of a business to keep their customers and have them purchase the product/service over and over again.

In dating, this means keeping a girl you just kissed as a girl with whom you regularly hang out. And when you do that, you can “upsell” the kiss to sex. Same applies to number closing a girl or even when you already had sex with the girl.

You can keep having sex with her (purchasing the same product/service), have her become your girlfriend or have a threesome with her (upsell to a more expensive product/service).

Dating funnel with lead generation, customer acquisition and customer retentionTrack your progress

Now you know and have the systems for a successful love life. And you can measure it. “What you measure, improves”, said Peter Drucker. So now you know the 3 systems that will make you succeed in dating.

If you are meeting only a small amount of girls every month, you should invest in lead generation system. Increasing that number will increase your overall success.

If you are meeting enough girls but keep constantly striking out, it means that you need to invest in your customer acquisition system. If you improve your game, you will have a higher conversion from LEADS to CUSTOMERS.

If you are sleeping with enough girls but they go cold after that, it’s time to invest in your customer retention system. If you improve your “customer support”, your customer retention will increase and you will juggle multiple girls at the same time.

Systems work in any field. It’s all about figuring out the underlying principles of the field and then applying an appropriate system to it. You just got your systems for dating. Now it’s up to you to implement them.

And tell me the area where have the biggest struggle in the comment section to see if I can help you out.

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