7 Ways Scorpio and Cancer Are Highly Compatible

cancer and Scorpio compatibility
Cancer and Scorpio Relationship Compatibility

A look at the match between Scorpio and Cancer

We often hear that Scorpio and Cancer are a good match but few reasons are given why. Is there any truth behind the buzz? Moreover, do the two water signs really vibe?

If you are searching for the answers, you’ve come to the right place.

That’s because this post is all about Scorpio and Cancer with unique insight you’ll find nowhere else.

In this article, you will learn:

  • The shared traits of Scorpio and Cancer
  • Scorpio’s unique characteristics
  • The special attributes of Cancer
  • How the two water signs interact
  • The influence of the moon on each zodiac
  • 7 ways Scorpio and Cancer are compatible

Before diving too deep, you have a right to know is writing this piece. I’ll be direct. I am not an astrologer or psychic.

Instead, I am a Scorpio man who has been formally trained in psychology. For reasons that are beyond my awareness, I am drawn to the world of ancient mysticism.

What you see here is a product of that interest.

Using concepts from Jungian psychology, (Jung, 1953), I write about signs like Scorpio and Cancer as pathways to self-insight. At times, I draw upon aspects of psycho-spiritualism; a term used to describe the blending of psychology and spirituality.

wrong relationship
Cancer and Scorpio compatibility

Scorpio and Cancer Revealed

As part of my research, I’ve discovered that not all signs are a good match for Scorpio. On the flipside, I’ve also learned that Cancer doesn’t always fit well with other Zodiacs.

Let’s be honest. Scorpio is one of the most misunderstood signs in astrology. It gets tagged with being highly sexual, overly possessive, and vengeful. See this post on the Scorpio man in love and relationships.

On the other hand, Cancer is a feeler. It’s pegged with being overly emotional, highly empathic and protective.

But are the stereotypes about these signs true? You are about to find out.

As you continue reading below, bear in mind that the material presented is gender neutral, focusing only on the pairing between Scorpio and Cancer.

My promise to you as a website visitor is to share information that is straight forward, unfiltered and devoid of astro-babble. The ancients didn’t make their teachings complicated and I’m not going to either.

Woven into this post are practical tips on how to best handle Scorpio and Cancer relationships. A video on water signs has also been included; something I’d like you to watch to gain greater insight.

Let’s first look at a chart of primary traits. Take note of the similarities and differences. This will serve as a foundation for all that follows.

Afterward, we’ll explore each sign individually and examine how Scorpio and Cancer match in 7 unique life areas.

Traits of Cancer and Scorpio

Dominant x
Impacted by moonxx
Imaginative x

cancer and Scorpio matches
Cancer likes other water signs

Cancer: June 22 – July 22

In the traditions of horoscopic astrology, Cancers are born into the “Fourth House” of the astrological universe. That’s a fancy term used to describe a symbolic structure that holds karmic traits.

If you were to walk into Cancer’s house, you would sense the presence of energy representing security, caretaking, compassion and empathy. Maternal light is also said to emanate from this house.

The crab is exclusively ruled by our moon, located some 29,000 miles from where you are right now. It is from this celestial body that Cancer’s powers are derived. (See Cancer man traits).

According to ancient teachings, the moon represents deeply held beliefs, instincts and the unconscious. Per legend, it also infuses Cancer born people with strange psychic powers (Orion, 2007).

Main Cancer Traits Inlcude (Positive and Negative):

  • Compassionate
  • Super protective
  • Talkative
  • Prone to worrying
  • Highly empathic
  • Sometimes pessimistic
  • Animal lover
  • Clingy
  • Family oriented
  • Weak verbal filter
  • Warm personality
  • Can be reclusive
  • Loyal
Scorpio and cancer
Scorpio in Neon

Scorpio: October 23 – November 21

Individuals who are born under the Scorpio sign fall into the “Eight House” of the Zodiac. If you were to walk through its front door, you would find energy forms floating about that sybolize intimacy, logic, bonding, and mystery.

Pluto and Mars rule Scorpio. Mars, considered a “hot” planet, is fourth in distance from our sun.

Pluto, located some 737 million from earth, is much further out. It is considered the last planetoid in our solar system. It’s also the coldest and most puzzling to astronomers.

Mars, around 141 million miles from the sun, symbolizes energy, desire, passion, and action. According to alcimists, Pluto vibes out secrecy, death, mystery, obsessiveness, and reinvention.

Main Scorpio Traits Include (Positive and Negative)

  • Curious
  • Logical
  • Empathic
  • Highly sexual
  • Disconnected
  • Mysterious
  • Intense
  • Dominant
  • Reclusive
  • Distrustful
  • Jealous
  • Loyal

Water Signs Primer

Both Cancer and Scorpio are are represented by the natural element of water. At their core, water signs are thought to be:

  • Highly intuitive,
  • Empathic and;
  • Emotionally deep.

There are only three such signs: Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces respectively (see Pisces sign).

It’s important you know that not all water signs are the same.

Cancer is a cardinal sign; meaning it has the power to initiate and adapt. They are energetic, enthusiastic and compassionate.

Scorpio is a fixed sign; meaning it is accustomed to ritual and doesn’t like change. Think stability and familiarity.

Pisces is a mutable sign. They are good with change and go with the flow.

How Scorpio and Cancer match
How Scorpio and Cancer match

Why Do Cancer and Scorpio Match?

Now that you have the essential traits of Scorpio and Cancer, let’s look at the specific reasons why they match.

As you read through each area, notice how one compliments the other.

1. Sexual Energy Between Cancers and Scorpios

To be blunt, Scorpio and Cancer put a high premium on emotional bonding. But in the privacy of the bedroom, the two vibrate at different frequencies.

Guided by the heat of Mars, Scorpio is usually dominant and intense. Many signs cannot handle this type of energy because it’s “too much”.

Tapping into Pluto’s gravitational waves, Scorpio also cloaks emotions, holding back true feelings.

Cancers, empathic and intuitive, are uniquely equipped to handle Scorpion sexual energy. That’s because Cancerians are born with a centering chip that balances Scorpio’s wild fluctuations.

If Cancer is able to get Scorpio to reveal emotionally and then connect, the end result is often powerful. Without that bond, nothing else can happen.

That said, the physical energy between both signs is often extreme. Once the two are emotionally linked, there’s no need for small-talk as a buildup to intimacy. Initiation of mating is intuitive.

Conversation during bedroom time usually isn’t necessary. That’s because both signs can empathically read one another in an almost supernatural way.

Cancer has one advantage over Scorpio. It can easily “see” through Scorpion defenses and center into arousal zones. This disarms Scorpio and paradoxically pulls the sign into Cancer’s snares.

The Moon’s Impact On Scorpios and Cancers

It’s important to note that because both are water signs, they are heavily influenced by the moon. Much of this has to do with astrophysics and the lunar effect on oceanic tides.

So how does it work?

It’s simple. During full moon, Cancerians are able to seduce Scorpio into a place of submissiveness; the complete opposite of its usual dominant persona.

Also during full moon, when the lunar tides are most high, an energy field is generated causing an erotic effect on both Zodiacs.

During this short monthly window, physical attraction and sexual energy reach their peak. Mating is often spontaneous, powerful, and explosive.

When you think about the bedroom pairing of these two signs, conjure up mental pictures of passion.

“Scorpio and Cancer put a high premium on emotional bonding”

Moon and water signs: cancer, Scorpio and pisces
The moon influences all water signs

2. Love Between Cancer and Scorpio

Cancer is one of the most loving signs in astrology. A born caretaker, it thrives on helping others and making them feel relaxed.

This is a double edged sword for Cancerians. That’s because they often care too much and sacrifice self-care in the process. The less emotionally revealing a person is, the more Cancer is drawn in.

The moon, acting as a cosmic force, pushes Cancer to seek out and bond with people who live complicated lives.

This is where Scorpio enters the picture; a sign that is arguably one of the most perplexing in the galaxy. Pulsating out light from mars and darkness from pluto, Cancer is drawn to Scorpio magnetically.

Conversely, Scorpio finds comfort and solace from Cancer; a gift the moon gives to all Cancerian born people.

When it comes to love, Cancer and Scorpio match in two ways: 1) emotionally and 2) intuitively. There also exists a deep spiritual connection.

Because they are water signs, both are able to “dive deep” into one another’s hearts.

When Scorpio enters an obsessive cycle, which happens often, Cancer offers balance and understanding. In turn, this helps Scorpio return to its normal fixed, steady state.

On the flip side, when Cancer becomes overwhelmed with the emotions of others, Scorpio uses its claws to pull Cancer back from the edge and creates space for renewal.

This is not to say that the two signs live in blissful harmony. They disagree – plenty. But because the pair is so highly tuned into one another, friction is usually the bi-product of strong feelings.

Their differences are where their passion comes from.

3. Do Scorpio and Cancer Share Trust?

Trust between Cancer and Scorpio is very high. The reason is simple. Both signs are intuitive and can quickly sense dishonesty.

Should one even think about cheating, the other will immediately pick up on it. Trying to hide from one another is useless as each have excellent B.S. detecters.

Both signs place a premium on emotional and physical fidelity. Cancer must be careful to not overreact when others respond to Scorpio’s sexual energy. Conversely, Scorpio must be careful to not mistake the crab’s emotional bond with others as cheating.

The trust mentioned above does not happen automatically. It takes time for this develop and requires patience. Once established, the link between the two is unbreakable.

“Both signs can intuit dishonesty”

4. Communication Between Both Signs

After bonding has occurred between Cancer and Scorpio, communication is a breeze. That’s because both “speak” to one another empathically.

But all is not perfect. There can be friction at the beginning of the relationship. That’s because Cancers are born talkers. They love to chat about everything. It’s just who they are.

Scorpios like to talk too. But during the initial stages of a relationship, not so much. You may be wondering why?

It’s simple.

Scorpio knows the more it talks, the more it reveals. And revealing anything to others is an anathema to this sign. Remember, part of what makes a Scorpio a Scorpio is the mystery.

As time goes on and trust builds, Scorpio lowers its guard and lets Cancer in. From there, communication increases. Together, the pair excels.

Much of their communique is unspoken. There’s an uncanny knowing of what the other is thinking. It’s not hocus pocus either. Instead, it’s a powerful intuitive bond that can’t be explained on this realm of reality.

Ask any person in a Cancer-Scorpio relationship about their psychic link. They will verify what I have just shared to be totally true.


5. Intellect Match – Crab and Scorpion

Because Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, they come out of the womb curious. They’re also gifted with great analytical abilities, used for the purpose of deduction.

Both have a high degree of perceptual intelligence; a 10-dollar term for understanding another’s feelings and emotions.

What attracts one to the other are their unique gifts.

For example, Scorpio can at times see things too logically. In turn, this causes black and white thinking. Cancer tugs at Scorpio to look through different lenses, infusing compassion into the dynamic.

On the flipside, Scorpio taps into Cancer’s creative side, stimulating the crab to a place of action.

When you reflect on this pairing, think of a highly intelligent couple that is curious about the world around them.

stars mountains
6. Money Matters 

This life area is a natural match for both signs. Cancer is concerned with all things home related. Stability motivates Scorpio.

Both gravitate towards safety and security. Both are good planners. In short, they like money in the bank and aren’t ones for wasteful spending.

That said, this doesn’t mean there aren’t disagreements on how money is spent. For example, when it comes to big ticket items, Cancer likes to buy things for the enjoyment of all at home.

Conversely, Scorpio is a miser. It doesn’t always see the benefit of purchasing something for comfort. An example might be balking about buying a T.V.

Nine times out of ten, Cancer will win the disagreement. That’s because the crab has a way of appealing to Scorpio’s emotional side.

Money-wise, the stereotypical traits of Cancer (worry) and Scorpio (obsessive) actually vibe well together. In the final analysis, both work hard to create safety and stability.

scorpio and cancer compatibility match
Interests usually match between Scorpio and Cancer

7. Shared Interests Cancers and Scorpios

Given that Cancer and Scorpio are water signs, both naturally gravitate towards the sea. Swimming, surfing, fishing and being on the beach are shared areas of interest.

Because Scorpios are fixed signs, they are sometimes resistant to new things. That’s not to say they won’t do it. But it takes an energetic sign like Cancer to give the Scorpion a little nudge.

Scorpios love traveling. Cancers get into romantic get-aways. Provided that water (ocean, lake) are part of the vacation plans, the two do just fine together.

It is important to note that Cancers have an unusual, almost psychic relationship with animals. They are able to communicate with creatures of nature in ways that can’t be explained. Moreover, animals are strangely attracted to Cancerian energy.

If an injured animal is found, Cancers are the ones to take the creature in and nurture it back to health. I can’t explain it. It’s just part of who cancers are.

Scorpios like animals, too. But they don’t have the same connection as Cancers do. In fact, some creatures avoid Scorpios because they can sense its deep psychic conflicts.

As far as relationships go, just keep in mind that dogs and cats are naturally going to gravitate towards the Cancer. It’s just the way things are.

Other areas of interest include spirituality, the afterlife, ritualism, and home. Ancestry and history are also great conversation topics.

Finally, the two also enjoy tawdry gossip, current events, and pop culture.

Cancers and Scorpios go together well
Cancers and Scorpios go together well

Key Considerations for Scorpio and Cancer

When thinking about the Cancer and Scorpio pairing, the critical thing to keep in bear in mind is the duo are naturally meant to be together.

Part of this relates to both being water signs and part of it has to do with a deep, almost uncanny connection the duo share that transcends our collective consciousness.

Scorpio is a strong sign that is fiercely independent and highly protective of people it loves. Cancer shares these same traits yet can moderate its personality in ways that the Scorpion cannot.

That said, the duo compliments one another in unique ways that transcend our ability to understand.

Why Cancer and Scorpio match in relationships

  • One provides what the other lacks
  • Sexual energy is highly powerful
  • Both signs are super intuitive, particularly with one another
  • Scorpio can be moved out of its hiding places by Cancer, allowing the arachnid to enjoy more things in life.
  • Cancer benefits from Scorpio’s intellectual and empathic gifts. In turn, this allows the crab to be dive deep on a variety of topics
  • The shared passion between both signs is enduring
  • Both signs naturally fit together and will unconsciously seek one another out, magnetically drawn together

Summary of Cancer and Scorpio

Scorpio and Cancer are highly compatible. They connect emotionally, physically and intellectually.

Once a bond has been established, the relationship tends to be long term. We’re talking lifetime here.

The duo makes for wonderful parents, offering children a caring, stable, and loving environment.

The one take-away I hope you experience after absorbing all that was presented here is this: Cancer and Scorpio share a unique bond that is as old as the universe itself.

In many ways, they are a mystical and powerful match.


Jung, C. (1953). Psychological types: or the psychology of individuation. Oxford, England: Harcourt, Brace. Retrieved from An introduction to Jung’s psychology.

Orion, R. (2007). Astrology for dummies. Hoboken, NJ: Wiley.

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