12 Pisces Symbols of the Zodiac You MUST Know!


Pisces Symbols You Never Knew!

Are you looking for Pisces symbols? Have you always been under the impression that Pisces just has one symbol? You know the one I’m talking about, right? The two fish swirling around one another. While it’s true fish are the primary symbol for this zodiac sign, it’s not the only one. 

Believe it or not there are 12 Pisces symbols in total that are linked to this powerful, mysterious and empathic astrology symbol. 

You read this right – there are 12 symbols connected to Pisces. Now before continuing, I’m going to be straight up with you about everything that follows. On the web, you are going to read a lot of information about Pisces that has been offered by people who claim to be “psychics” and “readers”.

Sadly, much of what they present is presented with a bunch of flowery language that isn’t based on science or astrology. 

Their hope is to get you just interested enough in learning more about Pisces symbols to pick up the phone and call them for a reading. Folks, what you see here is offered for pure enlightenment.

Below you will find a chart of the 12 Pisces Zodiac symbols. Later in this article, a detailed breakdown of each symbol, including characteristics and prominent gender that expresses the associated traits appear. 

12 Pisces Symbols

SymbolTraitCharacteristicGender Attribution
1. RabbitGentleLovingMale, Female
2. PigEmotionalAbsorbs emotions of others Male, Female
3. FishIntellectualHigh emotional IQMale, Female
4. HorseTranscendent Open mindedFemale
5. SealVulnerableFocused on safety of familyMale
6. DogLoyalObedient Male, Female
7. SnakeSelf-destructiveDangerousMale
8. PhoenixSexualSubmissiveMale, Female
9. OwlWiseIntellectualFemale
10. Mountain GoatGuardianshipProtectiveMale
11. MinkEmpathic Intuitive Female
12. SeagullCan see big pictureNon-judging Male, Female
Pisces symbols revealed
Pisces symbols usually are connected to fish

Pisces Sign Symbols Background

Just to be clear, I am not astrologer Therefore, you don’t have to worry about a hidden motive on my part. What you see on the Pisces symbols below is based on hard science, coupled with teachings from the ancients. 

For as long as I can remember, I’ve been intrigued by zodiac studies. To this day, I’m not sure why this subject area attracts me. I like to think it’s because a good part of astrology is connected to psycho-spirituality; a blending of psychology and spiritualism.

In the final analysis, it doesn’t really matter. Years ago, I accepted the fact that each of us have parts of our personality that we may not fully understand.  

In any event, if you have an open mind, this Pisces focused article is for you!

pisces symbols explored
Pisces: a deep zodiac sign

Pisces Symbols Zodiac Info

Pisces is considered the 12th House of the Zodiac, which happens to be the same house that all things hidden reside. Each house has its own symbol, giving Pisces 12 – more than any other sign of the Zodiac.

It is estimated that only 5.2% of the world’s population is born under this sign, making Pisces very rare – the rarest in fact on the planet.

What follows is a detailed breakdown of each Pisces symbol, with a bit of information about listed underneath that you may not know about. The material you will read here has been fused with spiritual lessons from the ancients, using Spirit Animal Guides to highlight important characteristics.

At the end of this post, I have published a poll that lets you select which Pisces sign symbol best represents your true personality.

pisces symbol sign zodiac
Pisces Sign Symbol: Two Fish Opposite Directions

Quick disclosure: I am a water sign just like Pisces, but I was born under the Scorpio Sign. More will be shared about what it means to be a water sign in just a bit. I am disclosing this information with you now because you have a right to know the Zodiac sign of the person authoring this material.

Pisces Water Sign

Water signs are among the most mysterious, complex and psychic of the 12 Zodiac signs. There are only three water signs: 1) Pisces, 2) Cancer and 3) Scorpio. Generally speaking, water signs are highly intuitive, very empathic and like it or not, often emotional. While water signs often share similar characteristics, Pisces has its own unique abilities than its Cancer and Scorpio counterparts.

There is a reason the primary symbol of Pisces is two fish. In most depictions, you will see one fish swimming upwards, representing the sky and one fish swimming downward, representing the sea. This is significant because Pisces born people are often torn between the words of intellectual thought and deep (very deep) emotions.

You need to know now that most all individuals born under the Pisces sign are highly empathic. For reasons we do not fully understand, they are able to literally pick up on the emotions of others and do so freakishly.

Pisces symbols revealed
Pisces symbols revealed

I am not saying that Pisces are “better” than other signs or more powerful. I am saying this sign has certain gifts that allow Pisces to tap into the emotions and feelings of others. While that may sound wonderful, it can actually be a blessing and a curse. I will speak to more on this in a bit.

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Before we take a deep dive into the Pisces symbols, you should know some basic traits and characteristics of this astrological sign. Because we have a lot to cover, I will provide a thumbnail sketch of Pisces that covers the basics.

Pisces Sign Traits

Pisces Birth dates: February 20 – March 20

Pisces Positive Traits

  • Empathic
  • Outgoing
  • Caring
  • Romantic
  • Accepting
  • Dreamers
  • Devoted
  • Compassionate

Pisces Negative Traits

  • Highly sensitive
  • Clingy
  • Horribly indecisive
  • Lazy
  • Submissive
  • Pessimistic
  • Prone to addiction
hupiter neptune
Jupiter and Neptune Rule Pisces

Pisces Sign Explained

The Pisces sign is jointly ruled by Jupiter and Neptune. For simplicity sake, Jupiter is the largest planet in our solar system and Neptune the furthest from the sun.

The combination of these two celestial bodies gives Pisces unique powers that manifests in the form of psychic abilities. Both of these planets are considered gas giants, with Neptune representing an end to reality and the start of a new dimension.

pisces cosmic wave
Pisces Cosmic Wave

Jupiter’s influence represents deep thought and intelligence, firmly grounded in the here and now in the third dimension.  

It is the enormously strong gravitational pull from both of these colossal gas giants that gives the Pisces sign its empathic abilities. The constant gravitational battle that Jupiter and Neptune engage in with one another creates a kind of quantum field that transcends time and space.

Pisces Sign Cosmic Wave

Those who are born between mid-February to mid-March are caught up in what called a “Piscean Wave” generated by the competing kinetic energies of the two gas giants.

Pisces sign people literally stand in the middle of this wave, surfing a cosmic sea that is bifurcated between the Fourth Dimension (a fantasy world) and the Third Dimension (the here and now). Most all Pisces struggle with maintaining balance, constantly moving in and out of both dimensions.

pisces sign symbol cosmic wave
Pisces Tapping Into Cosmic Rift

Pisces signs are blessed with psychic/empathic abilities because of this wave. Much like the Jovian System’s ability to pull in anything that passes through it because of its gravitational pull, Pisces signs are able to absorb the emotions of others.

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And Neptune’s positively charged ions launch Pisces into that Fourth dimension we explored earlier – which empowers them to empathically “tune into” what others (including animals) are feeling.

Pisces Sign Blessings and Curses

To be a Pisces sign is to be both blessed and cursed. Here are a few of the blessings:

Pisces Blessings

  • Ability to truly feel what others are feeling
  • Strong empathic powers
  • Ability to emotionally join with others
  • Spiritually driven
  • Hopelessly romantic

Pisces Curses

  • Inability to say “no” to others
  • Attracted to emotional drama
  • Prone to alcoholism to medicate emotional pain
  • Emotionally needy; thriving on emotions of others
  • Difficulty with setting boundaries
  • Highly prone to depression

Pisces Sign Vulnerability

Unlike Cancer and Scorpio, the other two water signs that have defense mechanisms (claws, protective shells, and stinger) Pisces is extremely vulnerable. Their strength comes from their empathic and psychic abilities. As mentioned above, these same abilities are also the signs weakness.

Pisces Sign Symbols

Pisces Sign Symbols

Now that we have covered all of the pre-material, it’s time to review the 12-Pisces sign symbols. More traits are explained under each animal, which really are life animals.

Make sure you read them all so that you can fully absorb their symbolic meaning. If you feel weak in a certain life animal area, you should call upon the spirit animal listed to help educate you on how to enhance your abilities in the respective area.

At the end of this post, please vote in the poll and choose which animal best represents your essence.

Let’s jump right in!

scorpio sign symbol rabbit
Pisces Sign Symbol: Rabit

1) Rabbit

Rabbits represent Pisces gentleness. Quiet and observant, rabbits are Pisces “love” animal, also known as romance.

pig pisces
Pig Pisces Symbol

2) Pig

Pigs will continue to eat and eat, not realizing they are completely full. Pisces absorbs the emotions of others in much the same way.

fish pisces sign
Fish Pisces Symbol

3) Fish

Fish represent the primary symbol of Pisces signs. This water animal dives deep, similar to how Pisces can “dive deep” into another’s emotions.

horse pisces sign
Horse Symbol: Pisces

4) Horse

Horses have always held a mythical quality about them. For Pisces, a horse allows the sign to gallop into the fantasy world that is part of the fourth dimension – transforming into a unicorn.

seal sign of cancer zodiac
Seal Pisces Sign

5) Seal

A seal represents Pisces vulnerability. While not defenseless, seals typically need to travel in packs in order to remain safe.

Pisces Dog
Pisces Symbol: Dog

6) Dog

Pisces signs are very loyal, much like dogs are to their masters. Dogs can also be empathic, much like the Pisces sign.

pisces sign symbol snake
Pisces Sign Symbol Snake

7) Snake

Snakes represent evil. Pisces sign people sometimes self-destruct through evil means; often without knowing they are doing so.

Pisces Sign Symbol
Pisces Sign Symbol: Phoenix

8) Phoenix

This mythical bird empowers Pisces sexual energy but in a submissive way – soaring every upward to pleasure its mate.

Pisces Sign Symbol Owl
Pisces Sign Symbol Owl

9) Owl

The owl is known for being wise. Pisces signs are wise indeed but struggle to stay focused on the here and now. See owl symbols post to learn more.

Mountain Goat Pisces Sign Symbol
Pisces Sign Symbol: Mountain Goat

10) Mountain Goat

For Pisces, mountain goats represent guardianship. These animals guard against harms and should be called upon to help Pisces place emotional boundaries around people.

Pisces Mink Symbol
Pisces Mink Symbol

11) Mink

The mink represents Pisces ability to heal others through empathic medicine. Call upon the mink to help restore and heal yourself first and others second.

Pisces Sign: Seagull
Pisces Sign: Seagull

12) Seagull

Seagulls can fly high above in the sky with the ability to “see” many miles away. Pisces should ride the seagull to help them move away from living too much in the fantasy world.

Famous Pisces Signs

  • Jon Hamm

    jensen ackles green eyes
    Jensen Ackles: Famous Pisces with Green Eyes!
  • Rob Lowe
  • Eva Medes
  • Jensen Ackles
  • Freddie Prinze, Jr.
  • Vanessa Williams
  • Adam Levine
  • Kellan Lutz
  • Elizabeth Taylor
  • Sharon Stone
  • Holly Hunter
  • James Van Der Beek
  • Glenn Close
  • Rue McClanahan

Inviting Pisces Symbols

If you want to invite one of the Pisces sign symbols into your awareness, you will need to be open to the meditative process and dream interpretation. Each of these animals has their own special message to share with you, imparted from a world that is not of this time or space.

One excellent book you might want to pick up is Animal Speak by Ted Andrews. The author does a great job explaining to readers the entire business of animal spirit guides, which are uniquely linked to Pisces sign people.

Pisces Sign Video and Constellation

If you are interested in learning more about the Pisces sign, including the Pisces constellation, a video has been published above.

Pisces Symbols Poll

This Pisces poll is designed to let you choose which animal symbol best represents your true personality. This is not scientific but can help to shine a light on what your other Piscean friends think.

Pisces myths
Pisces Zodiac Sign Myths

Pisces Sign Myths

Bear in mind that the myths listed below are just a sampling of the many misnomers that are associated with Pisces.

  • All Pisces are good swimmers
  • Pisces are bad in bed
  • Pisces men are always romantic
  • Pisces women are always submissive
  • Pisces makes for bad business leaders
  • Pisces sign people are narcissistic
  • Pisces signs are not a good match for any sign.
  • Pisces are overly submissive sexually
Pisces compatibility
Pisces Compatibility Signs

Pisces Compatibility

According to a number of astrological reports, coupled with material shared from the ancients, Pisces signs are most compatible with:

  • Scorpio
  • Cancer
  • Taurus

Ideally, Pisces and Scorpio will be in a relationship because the two are highly compatible. The reason relates to both signs ability to perfectly understand one another. Scorpio is a fixed sign, which helps to ground Pisces.

Cancers are the next best match for Pisces because of the emotional bond the two signs share. Because Cancers are a cardinal sign, they have the power to create emotional shifts in Pisces, which rescues them from battles with lifelong depression.

Taurus is the third “best” sign for Pisces. Like Scorpio, Taurus is a fixed sign – meaning grounded in the here and now. Taurus helps Pisces break free of its lazy streak because simply put, Taurus is ridiculously fixated on task completion.

Pisces Sign Book

If you are interested in learning more about the Pisces sign, its powers and weaknesses and history steeped in ancient lore, consider picking up a copy of the book: Everything You Need to Know About the Pisces Zodiac Sign.

Inside, you will find page after page of meaning, useful material on the Pisces Zodiac sign – one of the most magical, powerful and least understood signs of the known universe. 

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    • I agree Kady, I am all 12 as well and most of the time it sucks for me too..but then again..there’s the side of being a Piscean that is amazingly astonishing. The gifts to see and feel where no other can is gifts from the highest entities who resides in the universe/heaven. I would not trade these gifts for anything the world. Blessings to you!!

  1. I would not call the 4th dimension “FANTASY” world at all! That is the first time I heard that. I highly disagrred with that. Then when descrigning the horse you said fantasy was PART of the 4th dimension. THAT, “part of” I could co-sign on, but I hope none accepts that the entire dimension is fatansy.

  2. I’m talking about my self in general, but they could be others who agrees with me.
    Pisces and Taurus… yeah no. I’ve met so many Tauruses but It feels like we get bored of each other quite quickly.

  3. This is great thanks! I am a pisces male born under the chinese zodiac symbol of the fire tiger and I agree that the 4th dimension is not at all a fantasy world…it’s just that the majority of the western population has been disconnected from it. The ancient knowledge has been shone into us luckily being born as a pisces. So lucky to be shown the mysteries of the world, transcending down from the astral realm. As above so below.

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