How To Apply Cologne The Right Way and Smell Awesome!

apply cologne the right way

Apply cologne right and smell like a sexy beast

Choosing, buying and storing the best cologne for your scent needs shouldn’t be complicated. But the hard truth is that for a lot of men, it’s a real chore.

There are many reasons for this, mostly related to the fact that many guys don’t know which brand to buy or how to apply the cologne once they get it home.

This simple guide is designed to help you get to the answers so that you can get your scent on without hassle. We will start off with a basic primer on buying the right type of cologne and then move about the business of application.

Let’s jump right in.

how to apply cologne for men
Applying men’s cologne

Buying Cologne

Right off the bat, you need to know that not all colognes are the same. Not only are there different scents, there are also different types.

That last part is important to know because the type of perfume you buy greatly impacts its longevity.

Here’s a quick cook’s tour of cologne basics:

  • Eau Fraiche:A diluted fragrance that contains 1-3% perfume oil in water and alcohol. The scent lasts less than one hour.
  • Aftershave:Aftershaves are usually marketed as something to apply to your face after shaving. Think highly diluted perfume oil (1-3%) combined with alcohol and water. Usually lasts an hour or less.
  • Cologne:(Eau de Cologne). The modern name for a man’s perfume. Usually contains masculine scents. Woody, fresh and fruity. Typically has 2-4% perfume oils in a water and alcohol base. Marketed towards various male age groups. Scent usually lasts around 2-hours.
  • Toilette (Eau de Toilette):Picture a quick spritz. Super light, usually sprayed from a bottle and has a 5-15% perfume oil base mixed into water. Lasts around 3 hours.
  • Perfumes:This is a gender neutral term but has historically been linked to females (mostly in the U.S.). Somewhat high concentration of perfume oils. Lasts somewhere between 5-10 hours.
  • Parfumes:These are the most expensive types on the market. Very heavy concentration of perfume oils that can last 24-hours.
cologne and men
Cologne and putting it on

Choosing the Right Scent

All of us gravitate towards different scents. Personally, I like woody because of its masculine vibe. Perhaps this is why I wear Paco Rabanne One Million. You may prefer something different, like a citrus smell, such as Polo Red (See Amazon).

Shoot, you may even prefer something that offers a combination of both, such as Creed by Adventus (see Amazon for price).

Regardless of your desired scent, it’s important to buy the right type of product so that it lasts for the duration you need it to.

Some places online suggest that you never go for the cheapest cologne. I’m here to tell you that quality is not always linked to price.

Instead, it’s all about that cook’s tour you took above that walked you through the perfume typologies. So, what does this mean?

It’s simple.

If you want the scent to last for just a few hours, go for a cologne.

But, if you are hoping for longer, choose either the Eau de Toilette or the full-on perfume. Remember, the higher the concentration of oil, the more scent it contains and likelier, the more expensive.

applying your cologne men
How to apply men’s cologne

How To Apply Cologne Properly

After you have selected your cologne scent and type, it’s time to apply it to your body. The key thing to keep in mind is that all perfumes infuse into your body chemistry.

Yep, that’s right. We’re talking about the science of pheromones and molecules. Over the course of time, these molecules will break down, which in turn diminishes the scent.

Therefore, your task will be to layer your cologne so that all of the different notes reveal themselves at different times.

What’s that? Notes?

Yes, notes. They come at three different levels: base, middle, and top. Read this ultimate guide to men’s best smelling colognes to learn more.

What I’ll share with you now is that in almost all cases, you don’t need a lot to get the effect you desire. Layering is all about small touches that chime off periodically.

Step by Step Cologne Application

Right off the bat, make sure you are putting on your cologne at the right time.

Quick hacks:

  • If possible, try to do it when you get out of the shower. The reason is that your pores will be most open, thereby allowing better absorption.
  • Apply a touch to your wrists, neck, and behind your ears.
  • If you are using a spray, position the bottle back at least 4-6 inches away from your skin. This will allow for wider distribution.
  • Do not apply cologne to your armpits or groin area as the chemicals in many perfumes can (sometimes) cause irritation.

Some men’s colognes websites suggest that you spritz some on items of clothing for an added plus. Honestly, that’s probably the worst thing you can do.

Not only will the perfume quickly evaporate from the material, but the cologne itself could cause staining. If you are thinking of doing this, I encourage you to reevaluate your application plans.

cologne application
Quick cologne tips

Other Cologne Application Tips

Did you know that you can buy bottles of cologne in very small proportions? Yep, you can. Moreover, many come in tiny bottles that can easily be stuck in a gym bag or coat pocket.

An example can be found in Gucci’s Guilty 1oz product, available on Amazon. Something like this might come in handy, should you have a long evening planned or even something overnight.

Another tip is to use body soaps that are scent-free. Think about it. Do you really want to combine a scented body wash and mix that with your cologne?

Finally, it’s best to keep whatever you have purchased in a cool, dark space. Examples include a nightstand or atop the dresser, away from the bathroom.

The last thing you want is humidity seeping into your cologne bottle, thereby diminishing the oils.

Read this post on how to make your cologne last longer and properly store.

Wrap Up

Knowing how to apply cologne the right way is important. Too much can make your presence overbearing. Not enough is a waste of time. But the right amount could turn you into a sexy beast!

I hope the information shared on this page was useful to you. Thanks for stopping by.

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