21 Truths About an Aries Man in Love and Relationships

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Aries Man – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Are you interested in an Aries man? Do you want to know what they are like in love and sex? Trying to figure out if you match with this sign?

If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone. Aries men are perhaps the most misunderstood in all of astrology. They are often tagged with being overly aggressive and uncaring. But are the stereotypes true?

The answers to these questions and many more will soon be revealed. I’m going to tell you 21 truths about Aries men in love and relationships and do it in the most direct way possible.

As a shaman who happens to be a Virgo sun sign with a Scorpio moon, I’ve been studying ancient mysticism for many years. During this time, I’ve spent countless hours diving deep into Aries with the specific goal of understanding what makes the Ram tick.

According to ancient lore, Mars rules Aries exclusively. It is this planet, located 141 million miles from where you are right now, that vibes out passion, energy, action, and desire.

While all of these traits are present in males and females born between March 21 and April 19, they are more pronounced in the men.

My hope in penning this piece is to help you better understand the Aries man in your life. Additionally, if you happen to be an Aries male, the material that follows may give you stronger insight into your personality.

Everything that follows is based on legendary texts, coupled with material extracted from the teachings of Carl Jung, the father of psycho-spiritualism.

Now that I’ve laid it all out, it’s time to dive deep into the topic of Aries men, meaning how they love, what they are like in relationships, and what you can expect in bed.

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Aries man revealed

1. He’ll be super competitive

Out of the 12 zodiacs, Aries is probably the most competitive. There are a number of reasons for this but the main one relates to the sign’s ruling planet Mars, which governs passion and energy.

Mars is thought of as a “hot” planet because of its closeness to the sun. Aries is also represented by the element of fire; and let me tell you, this is the fieriest sign in the universe.

Expect your man to be highly competitive in almost all life areas. I’m talking about work, sports, and in the sack.

2. He’s going to be athletic

Most all Aries men are naturally athletic. Additionally, they are more likely than the other signs to be involved with sports. It’s just part of their DNA – the guys love engaging in physical activity.

That’s great if you want a built man who places a premium on his physical abilities. But it can also be annoying because, in his quest for looking chiseled, he may put this need ahead of personal relationships.

3. The guys can go for hours in bed

Many of the women I know are paired with Aries men have shared with me that the guys they are like energizer bunnies in the bedroom.

Much of this relates to the alpha energy the males vibe out. It’s all about being dominant, energetic, and playful. If you aren’t down with extended periods of passion, this might not be a good match for you.

4. He’ll have trouble staying still

One of the first things you’ll notice when paired with an Aries man is his energy. It’s kinetic and powerful. Many have a tough time relaxing and struggle to stay still.

In this way, the sign is very much its representative symbol, the ram. Some describe this energy as “nervous” but that’s not really what is going on.

Instead, Aries simply has a lot of electricity running through its veins. The good news is you will never be bored with the ram. The bad news is he might tire you out – or drive you crazy with his constant need to move.

5. The men are adventurous

If you decide to get with an Aries man, be prepared to get your adventure on. This is a trait that is constant among all fire signs (see Leo man for another fire sign example).

They love living life to the fullest and experiencing everything the moment has to offer. The guys are always up for new things and if the experience offers an adrenaline rush, even better.

6. He’s going to be loyal

If you are looking for a man to be loyal, you’ll find the Aries man to be a good match. But here is what you need to know. Most all who fall under this zodiac sign struggle with forming a relational bond.

In other words, it can take a long time for them to feel a sense of safety and trust. But once he makes a commitment to you, there’s no turning back. It’s very unlikely he’ll step out and cheat.

Yes, he’ll flirt. This goes back to his competitive nature. But getting it on with someone else is not something he’s interested in.

The only exception to this is if you cheat. Should the Aries man find this out, he’s going to shag anyone he can get his hands on. He won’t do this because he’s looking to relieve a carnal need. Instead, it’s all about being able to say, “Oh yeah, if you can do it – I can do it more – and better.”

You wanted the unfiltered truth, right?

7. He’ll be impatient

I wish that I could sit here and tell you that this sign is patient. But that wouldn’t be true. In fact, it’s just the opposite.

Aries, regardless of gender, tend to be a very impatient sign. This may have something to do with their element being fire. Who knows? I guess what I am saying is that if you are looking for a calm and centered sign, Aries is probably not it.

8. The guys have a short fuse

Hand in hand with being impatient is having a short fuse. Yep, that’s right – the guys struggle with containing their emotions. I hate to say this because I know it can come off as a negative.

Your best bet when getting into an argument with an Aries man is to remain calm and keep your own temper in check. The louder you get, the louder he’ll get. No, the guy isn’t to get physical. That’s not how they are. But he may become super verbal and say things that he later regrets.

Here’s the good news. Once he explodes, it will be out of his system. Unlike other signs that tend to stew on an issue for days (see the Pisces man), Aries males typically discharge their frustration quickly and then move on to the next thing.

9. He’ll be a workaholic

When you think of this sign, think of a winner. Because he’s so competitive, he’s going to want to be the best at what he does. In matters of work and career, this means he’ll do whatever it takes to be recognized, particularly in group settings.

While you’ll find the men in many careers, they tend to excel in jobs related to sports, medicine, law enforcement, and finance (stocks).

Bear in mind the long hours he spends at work isn’t because he wants to ditch you. Instead, it’s all about his innate need to be number one while contributing to a stable home.

10. He may struggle with headaches

A lot of the guys regularly struggle with headaches. Some of this is no doubt due to tension and stress. The men also experience muscle spasms, often in the back, for the same reasons.

The good news is that most of the males generally experience good health. Because they are always active, weight management issues usually aren’t a problem. Regarding mental health, Aries is prone to ADHD – which makes sense given their energetic personalities.

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Aries men can be impulsive

11. He may be impulsive

This is another trait of Aries men that is either good or bad, depending on how you look at things.

Remember the guys are driven by a sense of adventure and spontaneity. As a result, they sometimes involve themselves in activities or make decisions without fully thinking things through.

12. Aries men are dominant

There are several signs in astrology that are known to be dominant. These include Leo, Scorpio, and Aries respectively. In practical terms, this means they like to lead and take control.

If you are looking for an assertive man, you will find the ram to be a good match. Be forewarned the adventurous spirit discussed earlier also extends to the bedroom.

In short, the males are down for anything.

13. He’s going to need space

Like the other fire signs, Aries men will occasionally need space. While not to the same degree as Sagittarius men, Aries requires quiet time to settle his thoughts.

The reason is simple – their minds are constantly running. As a result, they tend to deplete their mental energy quickly. In order to restore, they require silence.

Should your man “need space”, don’t get offended. Give it to him and trust that he will return fully recharged.

14. He’s bad with clingy

Nobody likes codependent types, but this is particularly true when it comes to Aries. They are most attracted to people who are independent and free thinking.

If you vibe out clingy, it’s not going to work.

15. Diamonds hypnotize him

The birthstone for Aries is diamond; a stone that is made of carbon after being heated to intense temperatures. For reasons that the men do not understand, they become hypnotized by those who wear this stone, particularly in the form of a pendant.

The ancients tell us that the diamond itself broadcasts the wearer’s heart energy, thereby making the ram vulnerable to manipulation.

I’m not saying you should wear a diamond around him to get your way. But I am saying that it will likely have a submissive effect on him.

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Aries men are accused of being arrogant

16. He can be arrogant

This may sound like a terrible thing but it needs to be listed. Because the men are so self-assured, they can sometimes come off as arrogant.

Some have also accused the males of being sexually selfish. You will need to decide this for yourself. That said, this doesn’t mean Aries isn’t compassionate because most all are.

17. He can be confrontational

If you’ve ever watched nature films that feature rams, you probably picked up on how fearless they can be. The males, in particular, are often downright confrontational.

This is very much the case for Aries males. While they won’t go looking for a fight, they also won’t back down from one. They are highly protective of those whom they love and will stop at nothing to make sure they are safe.

18. He’ll have a positive outlook

Thanks to their elemental energy coming from the sun, Aries males usually have a positive life outlook. In fact, some have described their personalities as contagious.

This doesn’t mean they aren’t prone to anxiety and depression. It can and does happen. But in the general sense, their disposition is upbeat.

19. The men are controlling

Yes, you read that right. Aries men can be controlling. But did you really expect anything else from this competitive sign?

Don’t be afraid to offer gentle hints that he’s holding on to the reins too tightly. He’ll appreciate your feedback, provided it’s couched in a way that’s not biting or mean.

20. He’s got courage

If there is one thing that can be said about Aries, regardless of gender, it is this – they have courage. In other words, they aren’t ones to back down and certainly can’t be intimidated.

Many first responders, police officers, and military members happen to be born under this sun sign. These are the people who run towards danger and not away from it.

21. He may (or may not) be good with money

I’m not saying this sign is bad with money. Many absolutely are. But much will depend on his mindset and how he views the dollar.

If he gives into his impulsive nature, there probably won’t be a lot of cash around for a rainy day. But, if the ram views money as a means of keeping score, he’ll likely hoard it – often in ridiculous amounts.

So, I guess what I am saying here is that money can be a 50/50 proposition for this sign. For the ram, it can go either way.


Aries men really enjoy the chase. Yep, I’m saying they like playing hard to get. The trick is to avoid making it easy for them.

Wrap Up

Hopefully, the insight I’ve offered here will help you to better understand the Aries man in your life. Unlike other signs, this one isn’t complicated.

The key to a happy, long-term relationship is to remember the guys can be impulsive and require a lot of stimulation. If you can handle that, you’ll find an amazing life partner.


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