Are Gain’s Laundry “Flings” Worth The Money?

laundry review for gain flings

Review of Gain’s Laundry Flings from a guy’s perspective

Have you ever wondered if Gain’s Laundry “Flings” really work? Do they make the laundry process easier, particularly for men? Is spending the extra money on this convenience product worth it?

Recently, I decided to find out the answers.

Let’s face it – if you are like most guys, you probably hate doing laundry. The truth is most of us would rather watch paint dry on a wall than deal with dirty clothes.

Man, I know this is true for me!

Because I’m aware that readers of this blog are looking for guy friendly solutions (simple and quick), I’m going to share my experience using Gain Flings in a straightforward way.

Let’s answer the big questions right now: Do the Flings work and are they easy to use?

All I can tell you is they have done a great job for me. Moreover, the product has helped to take away much of the misery involved with washing clothes.

With the Flings, there’s no measuring, no hauling around heavy bottles, and no messy spills. Honestly, they are pretty much dummy proof.

Since December, I’ve been using the green/white pacs on all of my washables. I’m talking about things like shirts, jeans, linens, and underwear. In all instances, stains have come out with a minimal investment of time.

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But I’m going to level with you – Gain’s laundry pacs are more expensive than the company’s traditional bottle product. I paid $8.95 at my local Walmart for their 35 count pac. Each “pac” does one medium size laundry load.

Had I purchased the 100 fluid ounce bottle for $9.94, I could have washed 100 loads. That’s a 65 load-count difference. But as I mentioned earlier, my motivation behind getting the Flings was simple – I wanted to save time and reduce the hassle factor.

What I like most about the Flings is their simplicity. You basically toss one into the washer, throw in the clothes, and start the cycle. It’s that easy.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that I take the time to color separate everything. I don’t (and never do). When I wash clothes, I fill each machine up to the drumline and set the dial to “warm”.

Yes, I know that’s not the best way to do laundry but I’m just keeping it real.

The other cool thing I like about the Flings are the nice smell they give my clothes. For real – they do. The product contains one part detergent, one part oxi-boost, and one part Febreze.

While I can’t be sure, I’m pretty confident it’s the Febreze that vibes out a fresh scent on my washables. And not in an overbearing way. Instead, it’s more of a subtle, clean scent.

You may have read some reviews that suggest the Flings can stain clothing. While that may be true for some people, it’s never happened to me. Perhaps the incidents involving the stains had something to do with the type of washer being used?

At any rate, now you have my experience using Gain’s Flings. Other detergent companies make similar products, like Tide and All. Shoot, even Walmart has their own store brand! But I can’t speak to those items because I’ve not yet used them.

Do you have experience using Gain’s Flings? If so, I’d love to read your comments below. Feel free to share any guy-friendly laundry tips as well!

Thanks for stopping by.

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