How To Quickly Get Out of a Funk!

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Get Out of a Funk

Hello and welcome – or welcome back – to this – the thirty-fifth episode, of the Men’s Self-Help Podcast. I’m your host, Dr. John Moore and I’m a licensed mental health therapist, out of Chicago, Illinois and you know – I’ve been doing counseling now for just about 20-years.

In addition to my work as a therapist, I also teach college courses in the areas of psychology and business.

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So, I’m really glad you’re here today because we’re going to be talking about something I bet you can relate to:

Being in a funk and more importantly, how to quickly get out of it!

You know what I’m talking about right? That place where you aren’t quite feeling depressed but also not feeling exactly good. Many people call it a case of the blahs.

Now before we get into it all, I just want to let you know why I created this podcast and it’s this:

I started this show because I wanted to reach three specific groups of men:

Group one are guys who are all about self-improvement and naturally gravitate towards shows like this.

So, that’s group one.

Group two are men who may have some experience with therapy, either past or present, and listen to a pod like this to help keep them on track.

And then there’s group three:

Well, haha – group three are my go it alone types who are never, ever going to come knocking on the door of someone like me, a therapist, to reveal things going on in their life – but – they might just be curious enough to tap on an app and listen to a show because the topic somehow relates to issues going on in their life.

But regardless of what brought you here today, I just want to say I’m glad you are here. And if you are a woman listening right now, let me say welcome aboard! The truth is a lot of women smash that subscribe button because they find the content we explore helpful. So welcome.

Now quick disclaimer – this podcast isn’t designed to act as a substitute for mental health counseling or medical advice and I’m not your personal therapist.

Alrighty – let’s get back to today’s topic:

How to get out of a funk.

Is that something you can relate to? Goodness knows I can. And here’s the thing, if left unchecked, being in a funk can quickly cause you to slide into a rut. And while the two share similarities, they aren’t exactly the same.

So, you may be wondering: What’s the difference?

Well, being in a funk means having a negative outlook with little to no motivation and – in the general sense -typically lasts a few days.

Being in a rut, however, is a prolonged extension of a funk and goes on for several weeks. That’s why it’s called a rut – because you’re stuck – literally stuck – in a miserable place you don’t want to be, kind of like a car that keeps spinning its tires forever and a day in the mud but doesn’t move.

Make sense?

And so, the goal of today’s show is to help you QUICKLY get out of a funk so that you don’t slide into a rut.

To help you on this front, I’m going to teach you some action steps that are designed to pull you out of that funk and rocket yourself to a different place.

Some of these steps come to us from famous psychiatrist Dr. William Glasser – The Father of Choice Theory -and I’ll be getting into that more in a bit.

So, we’ll go over that.

And we’ll also hear from a listener who is wondering if couples counseling can help save his marriage. Have you ever thought about couples therapy? Curious how the process works? Well, stay tuned because that’s coming up in a bit.

As you can see – we’re going to be going over a lot – so buckle up. I’m super glad you’re here!

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