5 Smart Mental Health Reasons To Manscape

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Here’s Why You Should Manscape

Do you manscape? Have you adopted the sacred art of taking care of your junk? If not it might be time to reconsider. Manscaping is insanely popular, and for good reason. It helps a lot of guys discover better versions of themselves. It can improve many aspects of your life, and for many, it is a practice and pursuit that aids in sustainable personal growth.

How can you get so much from shaving your balls? Well, the secret lies in understanding what manscaping is really all about, as well as what it is really doing for you.

What Is Manscaping?

Most guys think that manscaping is the practice of shaving pubic hair. This isn’t entirely wrong, but it’s not entirely right either. In general, manscaping is the practice of modern male hygiene. It can include genital grooming. It can include shaving your butt.

It can include using ball deodorant. It can even include using acne cream on your back. If it’s something you do to look and feel better, especially below the waist, then it counts as manscaping. It’s a vast topic, and because of that, it has more to offer than most guys realize.

How Common Is Manscaping?

Manscaping is immensely popular. For instance, 68% of men participate in grooming their armpits. For some, it’s just knowing how to shave your pubes. For others, it involves fully embracing the entire lifestyle, and that’s the best thing about manscaping. You can choose how you do it and what it means to you.

There are no hard rules you have to follow. It’s just about being your best self.

When done right, manscaping is good for your skin, body hair and general hygiene. What you probably don’t realize is that it can be amazing for your mental health too. Manscaping does as much for the head on top of your shoulders as the one between your legs, and it’s important to understand that. These are just five of the most common ways manscaping can help your psychology.

Why you should manscape

1. It Will Boost Your Confidence and Social Life

The primary motivation for guys who manscape is to help their social life. More specifically, they usually do it for their romantic life, and we’ll harp on that more in a minute. The simple fact is that manscaping is taking control over part of your life. You know that you’re cleaner downstairs.

You know you’ve done what you can to be more attractive. That comes with a bounce in your step and a sense of confidence that can’t be faked. The improved confidence makes you feel better about everything, and it will often foster more success, which then feeds back into your sense of confidence.

On top of that, manscaping makes you physically feel better. Less itchiness and tugging of pubic hair means there are fewer subtle things eating away at the back of your mind. It all fuels confidence, and it’s a healthy confidence that can help you immensely with your mental health.

2. You will Be More Hygienic

Anyone who has ever struggled with depression can tell you about this. When your mental health is in the dumps, it can make hygiene hard. Worse, bad hygiene feeds into negative mental states. When you feel unclean, it can foster other negative thoughts and fuel the dark cycle.

Sometimes, overcoming that struggle and taking a shower or brushing your teeth can be a huge win, and feeling clean can start a snowball of positivity. Manscaping will absolutely make you feel cleaner. It can impact your hygiene, and whether or not you’re struggling, that can be the positive snowball that gets things rolling.

3. Your Love Life Will Be Better

There are a few ways manscaping is good for your love life. For starters, nobody likes a face full of bush, right? Trimming the hedges makes you more appealing at the most basic level. On top of that, manscaping makes you look bigger, cleaner, and more attractive.

All of these things help you with your love life, and there are few things in the world that can do as much for your mental health as a positive and successful love life. You get regular releases of all of those important hormones. You get positive feedback from a healthy lover. You get to fire on all cylinders and live more holistically.

4. You Will Feel More Comfortable

We briefly touched on this, but it merits a deeper discussion. How many times have your unkempt pubic hairs pulled on you? It’s not a debilitating pain, but it’s unpleasant, and every time it happens, it darkens your mood just a little. Most guys don’t realize how good manscaping feels until they try it, and this is one of the main reasons. You’ll also find that your junk doesn’t get nearly as hot. You don’t get as sweaty.

You don’t feel as gross. When you extend your manscaping beyond just trimming hair, you’ll have less friction downstairs and your sack won’t stick to your leg as often. In every way, manscaping improves comfort, and this is the real heart of how manscaping helps in these other ways. Comfort breeds confidence. Confidence is sexy. You see how this all feeds back into itself.

5. You Will Be More Attractive

We already mentioned confidence, so we’ll gloss over it for now. Manscaping makes you look better downstairs. You will be visibly more attractive, but there’s a catch. For the most part, you’ll only be more attractive when your pants are off, and our society still has pretty firm rules about that.

Here’s the hidden secret. Manscaping makes you smell better and smelling more attractive is often worth more than looking attractive. Most importantly, you’ll smell better even when your pants are on.

These five reasons are certainly helpful, but they are nowhere near the full story. Manscaping is a way of life, and as you learn more about it, you’ll continue to discover that it has even more to offer you. Consider yourself fully encouraged to embrace and explore all that manscaping can be.

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