Science Says Many Men Prefer Women Who Are Attracted to Other Women

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Trending News: Men are into women who dig other women


A new study suggests a substantial number of men prefer women who are occasionally into other females.


It’s no secret that many men harbor fantasies of getting it on with two women at once. In fact, it’s the story line behind many adult-themed videos. It also happens to be a topic that is not often talked in public because of social taboos.

That’s why a new study appearing in Personality and Individual Differences is so fascinating. According to the research, men substantially prefer women who are occasionally attracted to other women.

The investigation, which involved 949 participants from China and another 305 people from the United Kingdom revealed that a large number of guys preferred a mate who was attracted to both sexes.

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One of the study’s authors, Menelaos Apostolou of the University of Nicosia, said the following: “I am an evolutionary psychologist and same-sex attraction constitutes a major puzzle that remains to be solved by evolutionary-minded scholars.”

So, what did this line of research reveal? Well, going by the data, one if four Chinese men who identified as heterosexual and two in three men in the UK who also identified as heterosexual said they preferred female partners who were not exclusively attracted to men.

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Human sexuality and attraction

Women who were attracted to both sexes equally or women who gravitated more towards women were less desirable.

“Across different cultures, there are many heterosexual men who find same-sex attractions in women desirable,” Apostolou said.

And what about the women who took part in this study? Do they like guys who are attracted to other men? According to the data, the answer is – not as much.

The men who took part in this research were 6.49 times more likely than women to prefer a partner who was attracted to both sexes.

In talking about limitations of this investigation, Apostolou made the following observations in an interview with PsyPost: “It is relatively safe to say that there is a sex difference: Men find same-sex attraction in women much more desirable than women find same-sex attraction in men.”

Guy Counseling spoke to licensed psychotherapist Bill Ferrand about the findings to get his impressions.

“This is an interesting study. But it is important to recognize this is a relatively small sample that is confined to two regions [China and the UK]. We’d need to see more research on this topic before we can make wide sweeping generalizations.

Still, the results are fascinating because it helps to open a knowledge window into human attraction and sexuality,” Ferrand said.

What are your thoughts? Do you prefer women who are sometimes attracted to other women?

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