What Do Dreams About Tigers Mean?

dreams about tigers

The meaning of tigers in dreams

Did you dream about a tiger? If so, you might ponder what made such a beautiful, and possibly terrifying creature stroll into your night-time imaginings.

All animals you encounter while dreaming are significant, and you can be sure a tiger that enters your subconscious mind has a message.

What was the tiger doing?

To interpret your dream, you first need to recall how the tiger behaved. Was it protecting cubs, chasing you, or sitting quietly next to you? Or, maybe a pack of tigers sauntered past you or one licked your face?

By looking at what the tiger was doing, you can get an idea about the message your dream offered.

Being chased by a tiger

Tigers are ferocious, impressive animals, and you wouldn’t want one to chase you unless you were playing. When a tiger runs after you in your dream, the chances are you are afraid of something fearsome in your everyday life catching up with you.

You might have repressed worries trapped below consciousness that want to be released and acknowledged. Then again, you may be concerned about an action you’ve taken in the past and are afraid you will have to pay for something you’ve said or done.

A tiger rampaging through the house

Tigers don’t go on a rampage unless they are angry. Are you upset with someone? Or, maybe you think someone’s livid with you, and you’re worried they may be aggressive.

If the house in your dream is where you live, you’ll discover whoever’s mad at you close to home.

Sitting with a tiger

Sedate tigers are satisfied with the situation at hand. Could it be that you have acted with courage recently and triumphed? Or, perhaps someone you admire has expressed how pleased they are with you at the moment?

It’s also possible the tiger is with you in your dream as a form of protection, especially if you admire them as a species.

Gentle contact with a tiger

If a tiger gently lays her paw on you or licks you, someone in your waking life may have decided to be your mentor or keep a kind eye on you.

Alternatively, you might have aroused a powerful individual’s interest.

A tiger with cubs

Dreaming of a tiger with cubs can denote you have a strong urge to take care of your family. As such you feel responsible and confident you are up to the job.

If you look guarded, you might imagine there’s a particular need to watch over your children or younger members of your family at present as you sense something’s wrong.

A pack of tigers 

Lots of tigers sauntering by in a dream may mean you have many concerns in your life to manage. Tigers sleeping can denote problems are best left undisturbed.

A roaring tiger

A tiger roaring can suggest your animal nature rising in the form of physical prowess or anger that needs expression. You can best decipher which interpretation applies by looking at what’s going on in your life.

When a tiger graces you with its presence in a dream, you are lucky since they are rare creatures. Sit quietly, shut your eyes, and remember the content of the dream if you aren’t sure which interpretation is right for you.

Use your mind to ask the animal what it means. The answer may arise as words or images, or as an idea that pops into your head later.

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