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Do you feel like the chemistry between you and your partner is out of alignment? What happens when you love your partner deeply, you’re attracted to them in many different ways, but you struggle to harmonize when it comes to having sex? What can you do to fix this?

Well, the good news is that you can repair this aspect of your relationship. It’s not difficult if you and your partner are both emotionally available and open to making some changes in your thoughts and behavior.

There are different ways to approach this problem, and one solution deals with restoring the balance of masculine and feminine energy. I’m talking about masculine and feminine energetics. These forces produce a powerful, magnetic dynamic that creates good sexual chemistry.

What Does Sexual Polarity Mean?

In every person, there is a masculine polarity and a feminine polarity. When a couple aren’t occupying opposing polarities that can result in a disconnect in sexual chemistry. You see, masculine and feminine polarity is all about exchanging energy. It is a give and take dynamic that propels a relationship forward on an energetic level.

Well, it’s not simply the physical way that couples display intimacy. This sexual polarity is present in every single human being. Inside of us, there is a masculine and a feminine perspective that influences our emotions, thoughts, and actions.

In a relationship, this polarity has a powerful influence. When it is in proper alignment sexual polarity produces a deep physical and emotional attraction. Yet, it is a subtle force that exists beneath the substrata of our relationship. Many people don’t even notice it until there is a problem in the emotional exchanges or a disconnect in the bedroom.

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For example, there was a study that found some men in heterosexual relationships become frustrated and detached when their partner makes more money than them. Although this should be just fine; the number of men who earn less than their partners is steadily growing. The Bath University study revealed the effects of a problem with sexual polarity.

The man in this case feels that his masculine power has been usurped by his female partner and it causes him to become stressed and confused about his role in the relationship. He might become more aggressive and angrier with his partner. He might seek to dominate his female partner in the bedroom to reassert his masculinity. It’s worth mentioning only as an example of how a misalignment in sexual polarity can cause problems in the relationship.

Understanding the Difference Between Masculine and Feminine Perspective

There are constructive and positive ways to reassert your masculine energy that don’t involve dominating your partner. First, let’s identify masculine and feminine energy. There are unique differences between the two.

Masculine energy is all about being decisive, setting goals and accomplishing tasks. Masculine energy seeks to penetrate, in the sense that penetration is the action of giving energy. Feminine energy is less goal-oriented and looks at the value of the experience. Feminine energy is about receiving, in that receiving collects, stores and utilizes energy.

Masculine energy is focused on the outcome. It seeks successful completion. Feminine energy is more about the process. It seeks finesse in the details. Masculine energy tends to make decisions from a logical stance. Feminine energy uses more intuition. Masculine energy seeks to arrive to a climax, while feminine energy is more about being in the moment.

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How to Embody Masculine Energy

Sometimes, men make the mistake of trying to “fix” their partner’s behavior. They might simply demand more sex or become angry and detached if their sexual experience doesn’t meet their expectation.

The great thing about sexual polarity is that you only need to focus on your own orientation. Usually, this balances out the sexual polarity automatically. When you fully embody the masculine polarity, you promote the conditions for your partner to relate with you in a way that is conducive to amazing sexual chemistry.

When the masculine is outwardly focused to create a safe and stable relationship; the feminine becomes more intuitive and receptive to his needs. When the masculine is being more mindful in his actions, the feminine responds by becoming more willing to go with the flow in her actions.

When the masculine attaches his partner’s needs to his goal-seeking behavior, then the feminine feels more compelled to supply the outcome that he desires. When the masculine penetrates himself energetically to produce more emotional self-satisfaction, then the feminine becomes more attracted to his calm and balanced energy. The feminine wants to receive that energy more and more.

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The Result of Balancing Your Masculine Energy

As you can see, the feminine energy responds to a proper alignment of your masculine energy. You do not have to try and “fix” the feminine. Fix yourself first. When you embody positive masculine energy, a grounded masculine presence, then the magnetism of sexual chemistry becomes automatic.

You have a positive and a negative force that attract one another. The purpose of relationship is to complement one another. You both can not embody the same sexual polarity at the same time. However, these roles can be reversed, and that can be a beautiful dynamic too, where you and your partner can explore both the masculine and feminine aspects of each other’s personage.

The key is to create attraction. It is a magnetic force. You and your partner have both similarities and differences. There is a positive and a negative. You need to celebrate both aspects of the relationship. Your similarities help to bond you mentally and emotionally. Your differences are meant to complement one another. It generates the push-pull nature of sexual chemistry.

So, honor your partner’s differences and don’t seek to change them because you might wreak havoc on your sexual chemistry. Don’t attempt to make them more like you when it comes to your sexual desires. Instead, appreciate the yin and yang relationship of your sexual polarities. By doing so, you can breathe new life into your relationship and nurture a sexual attraction that is long-lasting and fulfilling.

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