Big Book of Hypnosis Scripts – Worth the Money?

big book of hypnosis scripts

Review of Big Book of Hypnosis by Nongard

Are you a mental health clinician, hypnotherapist or health care consumer looking for a book of hypnosis scripts? Searching for a practical resource that can be used in conjunction with guided imagery?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because I recently purchased The Big Book of Hypnosis Scripts: How to Create Lasting Change Using Contextual Hypnotherapy, Mindfulness Meditation and Hypnotic Phenomena.

What follows is my quick review of the book with some thoughts about application.

In my case, I bought this book several months ago because I was desperately in need of something tangible that I could call upon to help folks struggling with various life challenges. Examples include anxiety, self-confidence and pain management.

Through word of mouth, I happened to hear about Nongard’s book and decided to buy a copy on Amazon for approximately $32.00. Shipping was free because of my Prime account.

So, what were my impressions of this resource? Is the Big Book of Hypnosis Scripts worth the money?

All I can tell you is that after spending time with the material for several months, I have been very pleased. Not only did “The Big Book” provide me helpful approaches to wellness, but it also sparked new thinking about the entire topic of mindfulness-based healing.

This is an amazing resource that can be used in combination with activities like the body scan or yoga. it’s also terrific for creating powerful, positive self-dialogue.


At their core, “scripts” are narratives that are used in hypnosis to achieve certain goals. Examples include wanting to get a better night’s sleep or moving past an unpleasant event.

But what some folks forget is that a script doesn’t need to be read by a therapist to realize benefits. Indeed, an individual consumer can also read scripts as part of meditation or to encourage a positive outcome.

What I loved were the different topical areas. Struggling with pain? It’s in the book. Need something to boost self-confidence? It’s there. Need something to reinforce weight loss goals? You’ll find it inside.

I recognize there are many books on the market about alternative pathways to healing – particularly when it comes to hypnosis.

Speaking only for myself, I have to say Nongard’s book stands out because it is simple in presentation, easy to understand, and holds and has a high degree of utility.

And again, one doesn’t need to be a healer to benefit from this resource. Anyone who wants to engage in healthier-self talk may find helpful.

As an aside, I picked up a hard copy because I’m old school and like having something tangible in my hands. There is also an electronic version available (Kindle) for around $10.00 on Amazon.

Have you read the Big Book of Hypnosis by Dr. Richard Nongard? What were your impressions?  

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