5 Hacks for Calming Your Dog During a Thunderstorm


Here’s how to make your dog calmer when it storms

The crashing thunder and flashing lightning of a thunderstorm can be particularly frightening for dogs. Indeed, the loud noises and flashing lights often cause them to become anxious, scared, and jumpy.

Luckily, however, there are some things you can do to keep your dog calm during a thunderstorm, such as:

1. Play Soft Music

Create a calming contrast to the frightening weather sounds with some music. Classical music has been found to have a soothing effect on pets.

If bad weather is forecast, turn on your speakers and allow your dog to listen to some Mozart or Chopin instead of the terrifying sounds of thunder.

2. Do Not Leave Them Alone

Isolation will only heighten the anxiety and fear your pet experiences. During a thunderstorm, try to ensure you or someone else is around to keep your dog company.

When the dog senses a friendly human presence, they will be less likely to feel afraid or nervous.

3. Play with Them

One of the best ways to calm your pet is to actually play with them. The pleasant distraction will take their attention away from the anxiety-causing weather.

A light game of fetch comes highly recommended. Before long, your dog will have forgotten all about the bad weather and will instead be focused only on chasing their favorite ball.

4. Create a Safe Space for Them

During a thunderstorm, dogs will often try to find a safe space to hide in. You can create the perfect safe space for them by placing a crate or comfortable dog bed in the quietest corner of your house; preferably away from any windows.

Put simply, the less your dog hears and feels the storm, the happier and more relaxed they will be.

5. Distract Them with Treats and Toys

When a storm is closing in, you can distract your dog by providing them with their favorite treats or allowing them to play with their favorite toy. This will keep them focused on something other than the weather and will allow them to do something fun instead of simply shaking and crying.

In Closing

Experiencing a storm is never a pleasant experience for a pet. However, if you remain patient and follow the tips contained in this article, your dog will soon feel happier and more relaxed when it sees and hears thunder and lightning.

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