Chris Evans Style Guide for Looking Like a Superhero

How to style like Chris Evans

Are you a fan of Chris Evans? If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve been following the actor for many years, long before he became Captain America.

I first became aware of his work when he appeared in the movie, Fantastic Four. That was back in 2005 when he played the part of Johnny Storm.

Since that time, I’ve watched all of his films. That’s right; everything from Cellular to The Avengers plus all if his independent flicks.

To keep it real, women love the guy and men want to be him. Sure, he’s got an incredible build, which is no doubt part of the reason why he’s so popular. But beyond his amazing physique, his personal style is uniquely rugged.

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Chris Evans Style

If you are a true Chris Evans fan, you probably know that he’s not about bling and flash. Nope, instead, he’s down to earn and gravitates towards jeans, sweats, and t-shirts.

It’s only when he’s attending snazzy Hollywood events that you’ll see him in button-down shirts or pinstripes. Even then, he vibes out classic and traditional.

Given interest in this actor and his personal appearance, I thought it might be helpful to share some of my observations on his look so that you might replicate what he has going on in your own life.

I’ll start out with some basic background information and then move on to the specifics.

Chris Evans Facts
Chris Evans relaxing on beach

Guy File: Chris Evans

Birthday: June 13, 1981, Sudbury, MA

Height: 6 FT

Eye Color: Lightish blue

Zodiac: Gemini

Somatotype: Mesomorphic

Body Snapshot

Right off the bat, we’ve got to acknowledge that the man who plays Captain America doesn’t have your average build. To play the part of Steve Rogers, he’s had to train his 6-foot frame to get super big.

You’ll find plenty of articles online that detail his exercise routine; like how he trains his upper body. But that’s not what this post is about.

Instead, it’s concerned with Chris Evans style. The only reason I’m mentioning his physique is that it seems to complement his clothing choices.

Notice Chris Evans wears basic colors – non-flashy clothing

Solid Colors – Casual Look

When you look at what he wears during downtime, he seems to prefer items with solid, masculine colors. Here, we’re talking about blues, blacks, greys, and browns.

Moreover, the clothing itself is generally loose fitting. Some may disagree but I encourage you to closely inspect. For example, his t-shirts and button downs may appear tight but they really aren’t. It’s only because the camera caught him at a certain angle.

The truth is, the guy likes roomy attire and doesn’t want to feel trapped in fabric. This is true for many men who regularly workout and want their skin to breath.


Chris Evans Styling on Twitter

When you visit his Twitter account, be sure to click on his media area and scope out some of the pictures. You’ll see a lot of images of Evans – mostly of him chilling out with his dog.

Take note of what he’s wearing. We’re talking basic sweats, sweaters, and T’s – nothing flashy.

And then there are his hats. While he may change them up from time to time, almost all of them are similar in look: a traditional bill cap (baseball cap) with some kind of logo on it.

And footwear? Well, when he’s casual (which is most of the time) you’ll find him wearing either a pair of solid colored sneakers or brown boots. Like I said, he’s not one to flaunt.

blue eyes chris evans
Square jaw, blended with clippers

Facial Hair

The other thing you’ll notice about Chris Evans is that he prefers having facial hair. In his case, a short beard style that is easy to maintain.

While I can’t be sure, I’m willing to bet he uses a set of clippers a few times a week for shaping. Looking at photos, he appears to start off with a shorter cut at the top (by the sideburns) and then gradually uses the clippers to blend.

Speaking of clippers, he likely trims the chin area to shape as a square – again, just looking at the pictures.

Chris Evans wears solid color suits or pinstripes.

Formal Look

On rare occasions, like award shows or charity events, Captain America will get dressed up. I say rare because seriously, that is not how the guy typically styles.

His blue-collar vibe may have something to do with his family background. It’s not like the guy came from big money.

When you do see him in formal wear, it’s usually a pinstripe or solid colored suit. Again, not flashy but instead, more traditional.

For shoes, he usually sports a pair of black or brown wingtips. In fact, he’s likely using a styling secret a lot of handsome looking men employ; opting for something classic but stylish.

Rugged Look

The bottom line on Chris Evans this – he’s a guy who prefers to come off rugged and basic. Going by his public interviews, his life outlook matches his persona.

Hopefully, this post will help you get your Chris Evans style on. Thanks for stopping by.

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