7 Hacks for Dealing with Dating Site Rejection

dating site rejection

Rejection and online dating

In a love relationship, everything is not so simple. It would be nice if things were going like in a fairy tale: you find a beautiful woman, offer her to make the acquaintance, and she agrees.

However, life is much more complicated. Girls often refuse acquaintance, and such a rejection can break a guy, especially if he is not self-confident and he has low self-esteem.

Rejection in itself is a severe test for most men. It becomes an insurmountable barrier to mastering the art of seduction.

Therefore, as soon as you learn to cope with rejection, everything will fall into place: self-confidence, positive mood, and attitude to life.

And so, there are 7 tips on how to deal with dating site rejection.

1. Don’t criticize yourself

If a girl refused you, she did so not because you were bad but because she did not want to get acquainted with you.

Why are you worried? Do you care? This girl is nobody to you; respectively, you should not care what she feels and thinks about you.

2. Be persistent

There is another very important point on the issue of female refusals. In fact, some rejections are not a decision of a woman not to communicate with you but a test.

It is usually done by much more women than you think. She tests your self-confidence, perseverance, endurance, willpower, and all the qualities that she wants to see in her life partner.

If you demonstrate these qualities, then the majority of women who refused you for the first time will substitute mercy for the anger, and your chances will increase. Be persistent, and you will have women.

3. Stay calm

After rejection on a ladies dating site, guys most often make the same mistake: they begin to swear and insult the girl.

This is a kind of resentment because it is really difficult and painful to meet with a refusal.

However, the practice has shown that some girls change their minds after rejection. To achieve it, you need to show your self-confidence and indifference.

As soon as a girl refused you, tell her the following phrase, “Well, it’s okay, thank you for the answer.”

Thus, you make it clear to the girl that her rejection to get acquainted with you have not thrown you out of your stride, and you are still a self-confident and strong guy.

Every woman needs such a man! Therefore, remember that you should always behave calmly, even if a girl refuses to get acquainted and start communicating with you. After all, it is just a game of chance.

4. Do not consider yourself a bad person

Rejection on a dating site is not an indication that you are a bad person. Stop thinking amiss about yourself just because you are refused.

A girl may have a thousand reasons for doing this. These reasons do not mean that you are bad. You just need to find another “victim” for dating, a person who can love you as you are.

5. Stay positive

Your success in attracting women is outlined as follows: try to find the positive aspects of rejection and take an optimist look at the future.

Take a lesson from it. In other words, every time you get a refusal, you gain new experience and become one step closer to your goal.

6. Be creative

A rejection to communicate on a dating site is much less annoying than refusal in person. But still, you recognize that a girl has read your message and even looked through your profile, but if this woman does not respond, then she is not interested in you.

You should do your best to make your profile page as informative and interesting as possible: try to post photos of high-quality, fill out some information about yourself, and be online more frequently. If you feel that you have found the right person, ask her to go out on a date in a club or cafe (if you live in the same city). The key point is: do not be afraid to make the first step, women are waiting for it.

7. Do not give up

The advantage of online dating services is that there are a lot of lonely people in one place. However, it is also a disadvantage. Such a big choice; everything happens very quickly!

You can get ten failures in a row just in a week, and it is clear that you will appeal to the eleventh girl without much enthusiasm and be unconvincing in your courtship.

But come on! Do not be so wimpy! Firstly, keep looking for love and try to get acquainted with a girl.

Secondly, when studying women’s’ questionnaires, pay attention not to photos and physical parameters but to similar interests and coincidences in the biography.


Spend time with people who love you

If you feel small and rejected, talk to people who care about you. Spend the night with family or a friend who can inspire you to new achievements.

So you remember your virtues and realize that your life does not consist of just failures and rejections, as there are a lot of wonderful moments and people who are happy to spend time with you.

Use these tips and never mind dating site rejections. Be able to see the good in everything and look at life philosophically. We wish you success in attraction!

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