5 Tips for Men to Grow Stronger, More Attractive Hair

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Thicker, stronger hair hacks for men

Do you want to grow stronger, thicker hair? Are you hoping to have a more youthful look? Trying to find ways to enhance your appearance?

If so, you aren’t alone. Even though men don’t talk about it, a lot of us want to look as attractive as possible for as long as possible.

Part of this means growing hair that is strong and thick. Don’t get me wrong. Bald is beautiful. But if you ask most guys, they would prefer to keep what they’ve got on top for as long as possible.

Part of this means taking care of your mane and engaging in smart but simple activities that encourage follicular strength.

While there isn’t a magic trick to ensure you turn into the stuff of Zac Efron overnight, you can engage in five activities that help to encourage hair growth while fortifying your shafts.

1. Eat a healthy diet

Eating the right foods will ensure the follicles of your hair don’t break and help it to grow long. Nuts like almonds and omega three oils are essential since they can make hair glossy and luxurious.

Salmon, chia seeds, cold pressed flaxseeds, spinach, and walnuts also contain the fatty acids your hair needs to shine. Don’t forget fish oil capsules as an option. There is some evidence to show that it helps with strengthening.

2. Use some oil

Argan and Moroccan oil nourish, repair, and rejuvenate dry hair, while also protecting it and adding shine. A little bit can go a long way in helping you to strengthen your locks. I personally use Majestic Pure (See Amazon).

Place a coin-sized amount of oil on your fingertips and work the product through your hair when it’s damp, from roots to ends before drying your hair as usual for super-sleek locks.

3. Brush less

Here’s the thing – the more you run that brush or comb through your hair, the greater the chance you’ll yank out strands. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t brush your hair. You should. But keep it to a minimum.

One way to accomplish this is by using a gel or spray that creates fullness while locking your hairstyle into position. There are lots of products on the market for this, so you’ll want to look around.

If you have thinning hair, consider something that adds volume and body. Boldify hair thickening spray is a good option to consider (See Amazon).

4. Reduce shampoo – Up conditioner

Do you wash your hair every day? If so, you’re inadvertently stripping it of natural oils, leaving it dry and prone to breakage.

If you’re used to daily washing, stretching your routine might feel wrong at first, but your hair will stay fresh and attractive longer than you imagine. Aim to shampoo your hair about every three days, and you’ll experience less hair breakage.

Finally, on this point, DO use a conditioner daily. It won’t harm your hair and may help keep moisture locked in; something your follicles need to prevent breakage.

One of the best thickening conditioners on the market is one that we reviewed called Hair Solaye. Visit the hyperlinked text to check out our impressions.

5. Low heat – Pat dry

Styling devices like hairdryers can damage hair, causing it to become brittle and break. However, you can avoid a great deal of injury to your hair by taking preventative actions.

When drying your hair, don’t keep heat flooding onto one area for too long; move the hairdryer to a different section every few seconds.

Also, pat dry your hair when you get out of the shower. Never rub it or use the towel in a way that is abrasive. If you do this, you run the risk of yanking hair right out of your scalp.

Wrap Up

Finally, I recognize hair loss can be a sensitive topic for many men, even when we are talking to our doctors. But here is the thing. You don’t have to visit your physician’s office to have these types of conversations.

Hims is a tele-medical company focusing on men’s health and wellness that allows you to chat with a doctor online. What’s nice about this option is that you don’t have to take time off work or deal with the awkwardness of a face-to-face meeting.

Depending on your situation, a doctor may be able to prescribe Finasteride, which treats male pattern baldness at the crown and in the middle of the scalp. With regular use, you may notice less hair loss and thicker growth.

Oh, if you are worried about taking this drug, you might want to check out our story that explores recent good news about men who use Propecia.

Hopefully, the tips shared here will help you to grow stronger hair while keeping the locks that you have on top!

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