7 Root Chakra Affirmations To Cleanse and Heal

root chakra affirmations

Learn to heal, cleanse and attract love by clearing your chakras

It seems like we’re constantly being bombarded by marketing people with tips for enhanced intimacy by improving our bodies or taking certain pills.

Lost in the mix is the idea that love is an energy based, spiritual experience that is devoid of time and space.

My own thought is that intimacy can be a highly pleasurable exchange between two people and a form of active meditation.

For me, working with different chakra affirmations has empowered deeper, more profound intimate connections with my man on multiple levels.

Chakras are considered energy centers that are located throughout the body. Each is linked to a set of organs and linked to the essence of your being. To learn more about chakras, visit this page.

For some time now, I’ve taken a holistic approach to in the bedroom. Through experience, I’ve learned that by practicing affirmations that speak to my chakras, I’ve been able to greatly enhance intimate encounters.

And that means speaking to all of my chakras and not just the sacral one because its connected to my sex organs or the heart chakra because it’s associated with love.

By using the following 7 chakra affirmation below, you can open the flow of energy throughout your body and deepen your intimate experiences by building trust, acceptance, gratitude, unconditional love, harmony and positive expression.

1. Root Chakra (Trust)

Your root chakra is the foundation of your energy system. It governs your basic needs, like safety and security. Located at the base of your spine, it is associated with the color red.

Having a healthy root chakra is critical to all physical connections because you must be willing to trust your partner.

When you don’t feel safe and secure, you’ll have a hard time sharing your energy with others in a meaningful, intimate way.

Visualize maroon and red lights flowing throughout the base of your spine and repeat the following affirmation in your mind, “I trust that I’m safe with my man.”

2. Sacred Chakra (Acceptance)

Resting between your root chakra and belly button is your sacral chakra. This governs your sex organs and is linked with the color orange.

Unintentionally, this chakra can become bogged down with feelings of shame and guilt that are historically connected with sexuality or past traumas.

By forgiving yourself and others, you can clear toxicity from this area and accept yourself as a valid and loved sexual being.

Project a bright orange particle of light pulsating through your sacrum as you repeat, “I fully accept my sexuality and forgive past traumas.”

3. Solar Plexus Chakra (Appreciation)

Your solar plexus chakra rests above your belly button and below your sternum. It houses personal power and vitality. This chakra also governs your stomach organs and is linked with the color yellow.

When your solar plexus is completely clear, you can enjoy abundant, unselfish, enjoyable closeness without high expectations.

You will be able to receive loving gratitude and appreciation. When your solar plexus chakra is blocked, it can cause you to withhold and become controlling of your partner.

Project rays of yellow light flowing through your stomach areas as you repeat in your mind: “I affirm my sexuality and partner’s sexuality.”

4. Heart Chakra (Unconditional Love)

Your heart chakra is charged with giving you the power to love. It rests over your breastbone and is linked with the color green. When this chakra is blocked is can be obstruct your ability to love another or yourself.

Combined, this makes for disconnected, empty love making experiences. By clearing this area and opening your heart space, you can love more deeply and profoundly. Additionally, your intimate time will become more passionate.

Project vibrant green light in your mind’s eye flowing through and from your heart as you repeat, “I will give and receive unconditional love.”

5. Throat Chakra (Positive Expression)

Your throat chakra is charged with self-expression, creativity and self-esteem. It rests mid-neck, and is linked to the color blue. When you think about it, sex is no doubt a form of self-expression.

When this chakra is clear, your sexual expression should be authentic, positive and creative. When it’s blocked, you may feel dull and unexciting.

Project clear blue light pulsating from your throat and repeat, “I express my sexuality in an authentic way.”

6. Third Eye Chakra (Harmony)

Your third-eye is charged with your empathic abilities. It houses wisdom and clairvoyance. Resting on the middle of your brow, just above your eyes, this chakra is linked to the color indigo.

You can experience amazing intimacy if you give yourself permission to trust your sense of intuition and connect to another on a deeper level that transcends our physical realm.

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When your third eye is clear, you will discover flowing harmony with your sexual partner. When blocked, you may struggle to realize true intimacy.

Project deep indigo blue light flowing outward from your forehead and repeat to yourself: “I feel harmony with my partner.”

7. Crown Chakra (Connection)

This chakra is located above the top of your head. It is colored violet or white (it depends on your energy) and reflects your spiritual side. It also serves as a conduit to mother nature and all living things.

When your crown chakra is open, you can completely lose yourself during intimacy with another and have divine orgasmic experiences. Your energy will merge with your partner and allow you to experience all that they are.

When the crown chakra is blocked, it makes obtaining extreme, powerful releases difficult.

Project bright violet light flowing from out of the crown of your head. Repeat the following: “I am sexually in tune and divine.”

To learn more about chakra clearing and balancing, consider picking up Chakras: A Complete Guide to Healing  (See Amazon).

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