How To Create a Circle of Confidence for Mental Excellence

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Creating a Circle of Confidence

Are you looking to boost your confidence? Hoping to find a practical, easy technique to up your self-esteem? In a hurry and need something quick?

If the answer is yes, I’d like to share with you a mental activity that is extremely powerful. It’s called the Circle of Confidence and it’s designed to mentally prepare you for a given event.

Examples include giving workplace presentation, meeting a stranger, going out on a date or making a sales pitch to a group.

Heavily steeped in the concept of mindfulness and infused with teachings from NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), the Circle of Confidence can be used to up your game and allow you to make a positive impression.

In many ways, “the circle” is also a form of self-hypnosis; something that research tells us helps to soften anxiety. See this post on hypnotherapy and anxiety to learn more.

Now that you have some basic background information, here’s how to build your Circle of Confidence, step by step. If you’d like, you can listen to a hypnotic recording I created that closely follows what you see below.

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Building Your Circle of Confidence

1. Clear your mind  

Take a deep breath and center your thoughts on the here and now. If you need to conduct a body scan meditation to help remove mental debris, that’s OK.

You can also just focus your awareness on this moment in time and identify things you pick up on using your five senses.

When you are ready, move to the next step.

2. Project a circle

Close your eyes. Imagine a yellow beam radiating from your forehead that draws a bright gold circle directly in front of you.

The circle itself should be about 2 feet ahead of you and 5 feet in diameter (large enough for you to step into).

3. Your most confident persona

While looking at the circle, mentally recall an event in your life where you felt most likeable, charming, and relaxed. This can be from any life event, such as a workplace situation or something personal.

If you are struggling to do this, focus your awareness on someone who you feel exudes the characteristics you desire. This can be a business leader, celebrity, friend or even a superhero.

If you want to merge several of these people into one mental entity, that’s ok too.

Because your mind cannot discern between real and imaginary states, you should start to feel positive emotions. Allow yourself to experience these feelings and embrace them.

4. Project into the circle

Once you have begun to feel the warmth, confidence, and strength of the mental imagery you are sending from your mind’s eye, it’s time to project that energy into the circle.

Envision a green beam emitting from your heart. Allow this beam to carry all of the wonderful emotions you are experiencing and deposit them directly into the cylinder’s center.

This should only take a few moments.

5. Step into the circle

Now, it’s time to step into your circle of confidence. Imagine yourself walking forward, passing through the yellow cylinder you have projected. Stop walking when you have reached the circle’s center.

As you stand in this place, allow yourself to feel incredible confidence, happiness, joy, and relaxation. This is a special resource state that belongs only to you; no one else knows about its existence.

Allow this moment to imprint into your psyche. This will be a place that you can return to at any time, regardless of the situation.

6. Step out of the circle

When you are ready, imagine yourself exiting the circle the same way you entered. As you depart, allow yourself to take with you the confidence you are feeling.

After exiting, look back at the circle. Say the following affirmation.

My circle of confidence is always here for me.

Now, open your eyes.

7. Store your circle

After you have left the circle and said the affirmation, imagine yourself storing what you have experienced in your mind.

Your subconscious will know exactly where to put this mental snapshot.

Recalling Your Circle

You have just created a powerful, mindfulness-based tool that infuses you with positive energy when you need it most.

Whatever situation arises, be it a job interview, meeting someone new or a sales presentation, you can project your circle and then step into it for a quick boost.

Treat your circle of confidence as sacred. It is a karmic gift to yourself. It will not fail you.

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