8 Types Of Guys Who’ll Make Great Best Friends

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8 Archetypes For Great Best Friends

Friendship is a beautiful thing.

Many of us have had a great group of friends or two in our lives. They have been there for us in the best of times and worst of them. Whether they are all guys, all girls, or a mix, friends have made all of our lives better in one way or another.

To honor these groups if friends and the friendship they bring, we’ve written up the following list of friend archetypes.

Within every group of friends are different types of people. But, it seems like we take on roles, archetypes, and personas in each group. There’s the joker, the leader, the slutty one, and more. While this list of roles can be pretty endless, and some friends take on multiple roles, we’ve written down 8 that seem fairly common.

The Joker

Within every group there is one guy or girl who loves to make jokes. They’re the funny guy who keeps everyone entertained. The entertainer of the group.

Sometimes, these jokers don’t even mean to be so funny. They may make mistakes often or be naturally clumsy, but their group of friends love them for that and in spite of it.

Look around your group of friends and see who’s the joker in your group.

The Player

There are plenty of other terms for this friend. The loose one, the sex addict, the man slut. Let’s face it, there’s always one friend who likes sex way more then the rest of the group.

Of course, no shaming over here. Sex is as natural as breathing and should be experienced regularly. Just seems like your one friend Ivan breathes like he’s in a 10K race.

No matter what, we love our player friends for who they are. Plus, they always have the best stories!

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The Parent

With most groups, you often have a parent figure. Someone who enjoys taking care of others. Making meals, making blankets/clothing, and making sure everyone is ok. 

These natural born moms and dads take are great friends because they take care of the group. They watch out for the drunk one when clubbing and make soup when you’re sick. They’re not your real parents, but they’re the next best thing.

The Partier

And just as there’s a mature friend, there’s typically an immature one too. This is the friend who will make all the wrong decisions at a party… and you kind of love them for it.

The partier in your group is all about getting wasted and having a good laugh while doing it. They know all the good party spots and know the best ways to have fun. Just be careful not to meet their drink count or you might get hurt.

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The Popular One

Your group of friends might also have a popular friend who knows everyone. With this friend, you could go together to the grocery store, a park, and train station with someone approaching him or her every time.

Your popular friend can open up your social life and maybe get you into VIP sections or the front of a line. At the very least, they will help you make more friends wherever you go.

The Quiet One

Conversely, you might be friends with someone a little more quiet. 

That silent person may not say much, but their friendship is just as strong, if not stronger, than all the others.

Being quiet can mean not talking much or just having a quieter voice than others. No matter what, that person found friends who’ll either speak up for them or appreciate the power in whatever quiet words are shared.

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The Artist

Then there’s the friend who’s constantly asking you to support their art.

The artist friend can be a painter, an actor, a singer, or whaterver else. But, they will still fit under this archetype.

Whether it’s a hobby, a fervent career, or a lie your friend tells himself, the friend will constantly remind you that he’s an artist.

But when you show up to every performance or art gala, it’ll be cool to say, “That’s my friend.’

The Leader

Sometimes, there’s also a friend who acts like the leader and center of the group.

Sometimes, they’re the one who knows everyone from the group and brought everyone together. The brother, the college roommate, the coworker, and so on.

Sometimes, they just tend to take the lead with group involved logistics. They’ll handle buying concert tickets or organize the takeout order. Basically, they’re the most responsible person in the group. And you love them for it.

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Friend Archetypes

Let’s thank all our friends for lighting up our lives. They bring diversity and fun to our lives with their jokes, their mothering, their bad decisions, and their leadership.

Thank a friend today and then ask them which friend archetype you are.

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