10 Signs a Woman Likes You!

signs a woman likes you and interested
How to tell if she likes you

Unmistakable signs a woman likes you

Are you trying to figure out if a woman likes you? Struggling to understand her intentions? Hoping to pickup some useful insight about women and flirting?

If the answer is yes, you’ve come to the right place. That’s because this post is all about how women show men they are interested.

Do you remember those little folded notes you used to send girls in grade school? Yeah, the ones with the boxes for “DO YOU LIKE ME? Check YES or NO.

Well, dating isn’t that simple anymore. I’m not saying it’s rocket science either. Instead, I’m merely suggesting it’s complicated.

And how could it not be? We live in a world of dating apps, online portals, and “romance” sites. Given the dynamics, intuiting another’s intention is difficult because much of the initial contact happens electronically.

This is one of the main reasons we blogged about how to talk to a girl and get her attracted to you.

But I digress. You came here to gain insight on women showing men an interest. Let’s get back to the signs.

signs a girl likes you
Signs a girl likes you

Picking up on the signs she’s interested

For most people, it’s easier to notice those hints when they’re looking at other couples. It’s good practice. Just give it a try next time you’re in a coffee shop.

Look at the couples, specifically their body language, and you’ll see some indications of interest (or lack thereof).

It’s much more difficult to pick up on flirtatious hints when you’re that guy in the moment, in the scene, sweating your gonads off trying to figure out what this girl really wants.

No need to panic though or make a hasty move. Here are the 10 best indicators that you’re on the right track.

how women show they like men
10 Signs She’s Into You

1. She’s getting touchy-feely suddenly

Physical contact can be a tricky behavioral indicator of interest. Sometimes, a touch is just a touch. You don’t want to confuse a completely platonic shoulder punch with an invitation to get intimate.

In general, touching on the shoulder or arm is not a direct indicator of interest. What you need to look for is the frequency of contact and the region of contact.

If she’s touching your hand, your leg, AND your arm, then the chances are high that she wants to get close to you.

Also, you should pay close attention to whether the contact was accidental or intentional.

A woman that likes you will find a way to rub up against you. Look for signs that the physical contact was made with the intention of getting your reaction or expressing her feelings in that moment.

Gentleman, that’s called flirting.

2. She laughs at everything you say

Jeffrey Hall, PhD. from the University of Kansas conducted a study in 2005 that found a direct correlation between how munch a woman likes you and how funny you are.

The study found that the more a woman laughs at your jokes, the more likely it is that she’s be interested in dating you. Women love a funny man. Laughter is good for the body and mind.

When a woman laughs, she’s having a physical reaction. Laughter increases blood flow and produces feel good chemicals in the brain called beta-endorphins.

Now, don’t try to overdo it with the jokes. Just try to present yourself as a happy individual who makes light-hearted observations about the world around him.

This will translate to some good humor and hopefully, she’ll keep laughing all the way to your heart.

3. She keeps making eye contact

Eye contact is one of the most potent forms of communication. Our eyes display our emotions and intentions in a powerful way. However, eye contact as an indicator of romantic interest can be misleading.

That’s because maintaining good eye contact is largely viewed to demonstrate interest in nearly any setting, not just when trying to flirt. There are levels to it.

You want to try and notice if she’s looking at you from across the room, and when you look at her, she looks away.

If you notice this lingering eye effect happening more than once, then she’s most likely interested in you. If there’s a sparkle to her eyes, even better.

Now, when you’re having a conversation with a woman you like, try to look for a deeply-emotive stare. Does her gaze seem to be searching within you?

That’s the level of deep eye contact that means that a woman is wrapped around your finger.

Signs can sometimes be subtle
Communication is a skill that requires development

4. She asks for your help

Guys, we like to feel needed, don’t we? In the back of our minds, we all think we’re capable of rescuing a damsel in distress at the drop of a hat. News Flash – women know that about us, too.

So, if a girl asks for your help, she’s really giving you the opportunity to be useful. It could be something small such as the Wi-Fi password at a house party.

Or it could be something more important like changing the motor oil in her car. Either way, she’s giving you a clear signal of interest.

In that moment, she’s admitting that she’s vulnerable and she’s giving you the chance to be her knight in shining armor. Don’t miss it.

5. She wants to be in your personal space

People value their personal space, even among friends. It’s your own little region of control, a buffer zone of imminent domain that makes you feel comfortable.

Most girls don’t get close to just anybody. If you notice that a woman is sticking close to your side or leaning toward you during conversation, then you are free to make your move.

Also, look for body language while you’re trying to get close to her. Does she cross her arms or put her hands in her pockets?

These are indicators that she’s not quite comfortable with you inside her personal space.

If you’re lucky, she’ll nestle in close to you even if you move away.

6. She won’t stop texting you

People these days place less value on face-to-face interactions and even voice calls. The preferred method of communication is texting now.

In general, women spend more time texting than men and American women between the ages of 18 and 34 attribute 35% of their mobile phone usage to texting, according to a Pew Research survey.

If a girl texts you out of the blue, then that is a good indicator that she’s thinking of you.

If she engages you in lengthy text exchanges – even better. She’s chosen you for a conversation and that means you have her attention, even when you’re not around.

Don’t blow her off. Give her lots of feedback, even if that cuts into some of your personal time. Investigating the possibility of a relationship with another is all about investing the time and energy into the process (if that makes sense).

how do women show they like men?
She’ll show you in different ways

7. She asks your opinion about her personal appearance

Women have intense societal pressures to be beautiful. They’re not snapping all those selfies for nothing. The perception of beauty varies from culture to culture and even person to person, but most women want to be seen as attractive.

If a girl asks you how she looks in a particular outfit or wants to know if she totally looks gross with this hair color, it’s because she’s giving you an opportunity to support her self-image.

If she didn’t like you, then she wouldn’t care what you thought at all. She could just post a photo on Instagram and watch the comments and likes roll in from her social media friends.

Instead, she asked you. This is your chance to compliment her and make her feel good about herself.

As an aside, are you doing everything possible to make yourself an attractive man?

8. She keeps touching her hair

Women sometimes touch their hair or lean their neck to the side when they like a guy. It’s called preening.

They raise their arm, exposing their underarm and torso, giving you a seductive glimpse into their intimate posturing.

Some women do this consciously, but for others, it’s a subconscious affect. The effect that it has on guys is somewhat linked to our evolutionary psychology.

Men tend to see women with long, shiny hair as better mating partners.

The thing that you need to keep in mind about preening is that women don’t just do it to flirt with men. Sometimes, women just touch their hair when they’re bored or to let off some nervous energy.

So again, you need to look at cluster signals. Preening alone shouldn’t give you the signal to make a move, but when paired with other indicators, touching the hair can be considered flirtatious.

tell-tale signs a girl is attracted to you
Ways women show interest

9. She introduces you to her friends and family

When a woman starts inviting you to social gatherings with her family and friends, chances are high that she’s really into you. She trusts their opinions and by including you in her social group, she’s giving them the signal that you have potential.

If you made it to this stage, then she already likes you. Now, she’s looking for her friends and family to validate her choice. Her family and peer group are key elements in evaluating your suitability as a boyfriend or mate.

For some women, this includes their pets, too. So, if her pet Chihuahua warms up to you, rest assured that you’re good to go.

10. She’s paying attention to what you’re saying

Women have so many distractions in life: their text messages, social media pages, and other life commitments. So, when a woman is paying attention to you, this is the best indicator that she like you.

It can be such a letdown to take a girl out on a date and watch helplessly as she texts and scrolls through her phone the whole time.

Guys, get away from this girl because either she’s not into you or she’s so into herself that she’ll never provide you with a sense of happiness.

A woman that likes you will listen to what you have to say and carry on the conversation with thoughtful responses.

If you notice her looking bored or if she starts breaking commitments to get together, then she’s just not into you enough. Let her go and keep on looking for Miss Right.

Signs She Likes You – Wrap Up

Reading body language and verbal cues isn’t easy when dealing with the opposite sex. Sometimes, women give mixed signals. One minute, you think she’s totally into you.

The next minute, she’s not returning any of your text messages. This can leave you feeling confused and less confident going forward.

To prevent confusion, you shouldn’t lean too heavily on any single indicator. Instead, look at the entirety of your encounters with a woman.

Try to cluster her social signals together so that you get a clearer picture of her intentions. A rule of three will usually give you a safe bet.

Is she texting you out of the blue? Does she reach out and touch you often? Did she introduce you to her best friend? Okay, this girl wants you. It’s time to make your move.

The lion’s share of the work is already done. Now, you can relax and enjoy the fruits of your labor.


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