7 Ways To Stop Obsessive Thinking (E-28)

ruminating obsessive thoughts

Dealing with ruminations

Do you struggle with obsessive thoughts? Have you found yourself ruminating over issues or events from the past, or excessively worrying about something that might happen in the future? If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone.

In this episode, licensed psychotherapist Dr. John Moore takes a deep dive into the world of obsessive thinking. After listening, you will learn about what triggers ruminating thoughts, how it can be a sign of anxiety or depression and seven specific things you can do to create change.

As part of the show, Dr. Moore shares the case of Alberto, a 20-something young man who struggled with obsessive thinking. To help Alberto create change, Dr. Moore helped Alberto partake in seven specific actions that reduced his overall anxiety. One specific step included learning how to meditate (see this post).

Additionally, Dr. Moore answers a listener email on the topic of financial stress and worry. You will hear the writer’s original note to the show’s host – and his response.

A number of resources were shared in this episode, including:

  • A link to BetterHelp – an online counseling service that is offering a ten-percent discount to listeners of the podcast.
  • An article appearing on the website Medical News Today that examines specific triggers for obsessive thinking.
  • A link to a previous podcast that explored the differences between alcohol use and dependence.
  • Information on autogenic training, as presented in a previous episode of the Men’s Self-Help Podcast.
  • A suggestion for where to find a certified financial planner at the website: org
  • A working definition of a Certified Financial Therapist and a link to the Financial Therapy Association.
  • Basic information about the Emotional Freedom Techniques, sometimes referred to as “tapping”. A link to an EFT demonstration video on YouTube is shared as a pathway to insight.

This podcast was just under thirty-minutes. Filled with actionable information, it may help you to reduce anxiety and live a healthier, more balanced life.

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