10 Signs You Have People Pleasing Syndrome (Podcast)

people pleasing syndrome

Are you a people pleaser?

Do you have hard a time saying no to others? Does it feel like people use you for your gifts and abilities? Is it a struggle to put yourself first and others second?

If the answer is yes, you may have people pleasing syndrome. It’s a topic that’s not often discussed and widely misunderstood.

Moreover, some folks think of people pleasing syndrome as an issue that impacts women (almost) exclusively. But here is the deal – it affects men, too.

In this podcast, Dr. John Moore walks through people pleasing syndrome in detail. He offers the 10 signs you may have this problem, based on the work of Amy Morin from Psychology Today.

He also offers three ways to move through this life challenge and go about the business of change.

Towards the end of the show, he’ll read an email from a listener who shares his feelings of deep shame about cheating on his wife.

Show Highlights:

  • A definition of people pleasing syndrome
  • Potential root causes of the problem
  • Moore’s personal insight about his own struggle with people pleasing
  • How family can influence the need to please later in life
  • The recognition of how people pleasing syndrome is an equal opportunity destroyer
  • Recognizing the power of NO
  • Accepting the fact not everyone is going to like you
  • An empowering affirmation to encourage self-love
  • The paradox of needing to be liked and attracting narcissists
  • The importance of being your genuine self
  • Why you should never let someone get into the habit of disrespecting you
  • Listener confession about a man who cheated on his wife
  • Dealing with shame

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