People Are Wearing Anxiety Bracelets In Latest Fashion Trend

anxiety bracelet

Trending News: Anxiety bracelets are the new thing for reducing stress

Did you hear the news? Anxiety bracelets have become all the rage for many people looking for something tangible to encourage calmness.

I’m being completely serious.

In many cases, the bracelets are made of crystals and designed to balance a person’s chakras.  Wearers of the bracelet believe the stones help to soothe their anxieties and ameliorate stress.

Guy Counseling spoke to a Jen San Juan about why she wears the bracelet. She’s a makeover artist at Chicago Hair Extensions.

Some say they feel calmer

“I just feel the bracelet helps me to stay calm and avoid becoming panicked. A friend told me about it a few months ago when she gave it to me as a gift. Ever since wearing it, I’ve felt a lot more centered when I’m at work,” San Juan said.

And if you think these bracelets are just for women, think again. The trend seems to have caught on with guys. We talked to one man who finds the wristwear helpful and fashionable.

“I’ve been wearing mine for the last year. My girlfriend gave it to me as a birthday gift because I was recently diagnosed with panic disorder. Here’s the crazy thing – ever since wearing, I haven’t experienced any more attacks,” said Joey Sasso to our writing staff.

“A lot of guys are wearing them. You can even get rope bracelets with the crystals tied into them. They look super cool! I know a lot of my gym buddies wear them because it supposedly helps you to focus on the weights. I know that sounds stupid, but I’m just telling you what I’ve seen,” Sasso adds.

anxiety bracelet
Anxiety bracelets are said to encourage calmness

The use of stones and crystals as pathways to alternative healing have experienced an upsurge in recent years. People who wear the stones believe they act as conduits to better health, encouraging positive energy flow throughout the body.

In addition to wearing these items of jewelry, some also use the stones as a tapping device during times of high stress. In this way, they are similar to fidget spinners; a toy that has become hugely popular in recent years.

“You can tap on them when you feel anxious. It gives you something to do with your hands,” Sasso shared with us.

What the science says

To date, there have been no clinical studies that prove wearing crystals heals or cures any condition, including anxiety.

Tapping on body parts, however [such as a bear wrist], as part of the Emotional Freedom Technique, has shown promise with reducing anxiety, according to a 2016 study published in The Journal of Nervous and Mental Disease.

That said, many folks in the medical community consider the use of crystals to be a pseudoscience.

Lacking medical proof  hasn’t stopped new agers, Reiki proponents and massage professionals from extolling the virtues of crystal healing.

Use of stones in certain environments are said to encourage calmness, but there has been zero scientific evidence to back up such claims.

Mental health expert chimes in

We spoke to Dr. George Ball, a licensed psychologist in Dallas to gain his impressions.

“Most reported benefits of fidget spinners and anxiety bracelets are anecdotal. Some research indicates that individuals suffering from ADHD benefit from movement.

However, fidget spinners and anxiety bracelets do not require much movement and therefore their purported benefits are often over-exaggerated,” said Ball.

“This is not to say that someone can’t experience a positive benefit from them, only that they shouldn’t look to an anxiety bracelet as a cure-all.

I would instead recommend that person seek out therapeutic help from a licensed mental health professional who is proficient in evidenced-based practices for anxiety such as CBT,” Ball adds.

So, there you have it, folks. Anxiety wristbands to de-stress and calm. Have you worn this form of wristwear? If so, what has been your experience? Share your comments below.


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