What Dreams About Car Problems May Mean

dreams about cars and car problems
Dreaming about car problems?

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Do you have dreams about car troubles? In your dream, do you see yourself trying to pump the breaks, only to discover they don’t work? Does the ignition fail to start?

If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone. According to a recent study published in the International Journal of Dreaming, a large portion of people experiences car trouble dreams.

But why are these dreams so common? Moreover, what do they represent? Can you learn anything from these subconscious experiences?

According to the study’s abstract, “This supports the idea of Patricia Garfield that this dream type is metaphorically linked to feelings of not being in control in waking life.”

In case you are wondering, Garfield is considered a worldwide authority on dreams and their meaning. She is also the head of the Center for Creative Dreaming.

Given how much we write about cars on Guy Counseling, we decided to speak to a specialist. Dr. AJ Sturges is a psychotherapist in Chicago and a board-certified clinical hypnotherapist. He’s also a writer on this blog.

“First, it is important to recognize that dreams shouldn’t be taken at face value. Instead, they should be considered symbolic in nature,” Sturges said. “When a person has dreams about car troubles, like their automobile not starting, or their breaks not working, it may speak to a deeper anxiety,” he adds.

Curious if transportation symbolism has any special meaning for men, Sturges shared the following insight: “We don’t have a lot of research on this, so I can only share with you my anecdotal observations.

car dreams meaning
Car trouble dreams

Car problems and dreams

When men dream about their car not starting, it can sometimes symbolize worries over sexual performance. Conversely, when women dream about this same dilemma, the hidden meaning often relates to concerns about not being prepared for some life event,” Sturges said.

And what about the breaks not working? Can we glean anything about their meaning?

“In almost all of the clients I’ve worked with, dreams that involve failing breaks symbolizes feelings of not being in control. Examples include worries about work, a relationship, or finances,” said Sturges.

To better understand your dreams, experts suggest looking for themes, particularly over time. “Look for patterns and then try to draw links. A dream diary can be helpful in the process,” suggests Arlene Englander, licensed mental health at Chicago’s Wellness Source.

“If you have a reoccurring dream, pay attention. It’s not just happening through happenstance. Your subconscious mind is trying to tell you something,” Englander adds.

Do you have car trouble dreams? What do you think they are about? Share your comments below.

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