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Media Consultation

Guy Counselor Dr. John D. Moore makes his services available to media consultants, producers and writers of television shows and movies on men’s issues – straight or gay.

Examples include struggles with masculinity, childhood development, trauma, relationships, bullying, leadership, cultural issues, psychiatric disorders or other themes that may be part of your media project.

Consulting for Film, Television & Other Media Production

If you are a producer, screenwriter, television or studio network executive, you may benefit from working with a person trained in the behavioral sciences and understands issues related to men.

This is particularly true if you are involved with plots or story lines that are involved with pathology, development, human behavior or pop culture.

Expert in Men and Male Behavior

Because Dr. John Moore studies human behavior and particularly as it relates to males and has written about this extensively, you can rest assured he has the requisite knowledge and insight to offer expert insight into your project. See his detailed bio here.

If you are looking for someone you can trust to consult with and don’t just want any “run of the mill” person because it is key to your project, Guy Counselor Dr. Moore is your go to person. He’s a seasoned professional who can discuss realistic character dynamics based on actual life examples.

If you look at this website, you will notice more than a few actors who have been studied and presented, all based on sound behavioral profiling (without diagnosing).

The material he presents to website visitors is read by thousands of visitors to Guy Counseling each day because the content is offered in a way that is non-clinical and relatable.

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Role Preparation

If you are an actor trying to get into the right mindset for a challenging role or if you are a director or film creator/producer that needs the actor you are working with to receive coaching, Guy Counselor Dr. John Moore can offer guidance.

While many actors are gifted in being able to step into a given “script” so to speak, it can often be challenging if the role personality type of the role taken is foreign to them or playing that part stirs up personal psychological issues. This is a natural part of main actor/role confusion – something Dr. Moore is an expert at helping people with.

At Guy Counseling & Life Coaching, the expertise of Dr. Moore and his network of clinicians have expertise in the above mentioned areas and much more. We can help you to take your project to the next level of authenticity.

Counseling & Life Coaching

If you use our services for a short consultation period, we can help you to identify trouble areas and make the necessary tweaks so that your work shines.

Many television personalities, network producers and executives, plus the actors themselves, use the services of Guy Counseling and Coaching for personal life coaching to help them work through the unique pressures involved with being employed in the “cut throat”, deadline driven industry.

Counseling is available to individuals in the state of Illinois but life coaching is available to anyone else in the country. Combined, these unique services offer a safe haven to explore personal feelings and discharge emotions in a safe, confidential setting. Coaching services are available on the telephone or through Skype or Facetime.

Actor Consultation Coaching Counseling

Why Should I Contract With You?

When you are working on a project or need key insight and information on human behavior involving men – gay or straight – you want to work with someone who has behavioral, clinical insight.

You also want someone who is industry knowledgeable who understands the unique dynamics involved with writing, directing and production.

Dr. Moore and his network of associates have over two decades of experience with sound insight. Quality productions mean working with people who are experts in the field.

How Do I Know You Won’t Steal My Ideas or Work?

Anything you share with Guy Counselor Dr. John Moore is considered confidential and privileged for the purposes of consultation.

Names are never revealed, including your name, to anyone. The only exception to this is if you provide written permission for the purposes of coordination with a group or organization that you choose.   

Any non-disclosure agreements that you need signed will be attended to by Dr. Moore. Your confidentiality and anonymity are held sacred.

Isn’t Consultation Expensive? How Can I Budget For This?

While it is true that consultations can be somewhat expensive, a price-tag cannot be placed on the quality of the end product you will have when your project is ready to launch.

The insight, guidance and perspective offered by Guy Counseling and Life Coaching’s Dr. Moore gives you a unique breadth of knowledge, which in turn gives you a “leg up” over your competition.

You can justify costs by recognizing that at the end of the day, you will have expert insight that help you as an actor or as a writer have a resource that helps you to present something that is authentic, believable, compelling and real.

Film Production


In addition to the areas mentioned above under “Recognized Media Consultant”, Dr. John Moore has over 20 years of combined experience in business affairs, education and psychology.

He has personally assisted dozens of actors, producers, musicians and other creative types with professional and highly acclaimed projects. Because of confidentiality agreements, a list cannot be provided however, one look at his written work and the subject matter gives you a clear idea of his extensive background.

Dr. John Moore is also on staff at as a faculty member at a number of Universities, including American Military University and is a consultant at the New York Institute of Technology. He instructs and/or helps design courses related to human behavior. He has also consulted with a number of governmental agencies on similar topics.

He is the author of the popular book, Confusing Love with Obsession, which has been featured in nationally syndicated outlets (electronic and print). Finally, he is an established writer on psychology related topics and human behaviors that specifically involve relationships and male psycho-pathology.

You can feel good about working with Dr. Moore because he is uniquely qualified to assist you with your projects.

What’s The Next Step?

Depending upon the project, consulting services can take place in person, over the phone, Email or through Skype/Facetime. Depending upon your project, on-set coaching may be available for actors, writers, directors or producers.

About Guy Counseling

For Information on Rates, Consultation Fees or Other Media Related Services, call 773.704.5300 or Send a Confidential Note Using the Online Contact Form.