Counseling men with men's problems

Counseling Men with Men’s Problems

As men’s specialists, there is a pretty good chance the problem you are facing is one that Guy Counseling has encountered before. Right now you may feel alone with your issue or set of issues but rest assured that Guy Counseling likely has insight on it.

We have many years of experience helping men with their life challenges. We’re talking about guys who identify as straight, gay and bi – it doesn’t matter.

All of these men shared the universal bond of needing a warm, safe and affirming environment that where they could explore their issues in private and figure out real solutions to what ailed them. Guy Counseling and Life Coaching is very much that place. Regardless of the issue you are trying to work through, Guy Counseling wants to be your partner in the solution process.

There is no way we can list all of the men’s problems we help with on this one page. What we can do is provide a set of common themes we work with that often come up in the counseling and coaching process.

Common Men Counseling Problems Include:

  • Relationship Problems
  • Marriage Problems
  • Affairs and Infidelity
  • Separations and Breaking Up
  • Divorce Problems
  • Alcohol & Substance Abuse
  • Addiction to Pornography (aka “Porn”
  • Help with Stress and Anxiety
  • Feeling Blue
  • Body Image Issues
  • Masculinity Issues
  • Gym & Body Building Addiction
  • Steroid Abuse
  • Gay Straight Crushes or Straight Gay
  • Self-Esteem and Self-Worth

Here is the deal – many guys feel like they need to face issues alone and “man up” in order to be a dude. That’s complete non-sense and isn’t based in reality.

In truth, one of the strongest things you can do as a man is reach out for guidance and support when you need help. Our solution focused approach is designed to help men – perhaps just like you – focus on what’s working and what’s not.

If you are tired of being stuck in neutral, don’t you owe it to yourself to do something about it?

Men’s Counseling Offers Solutions to Problems

If you are a guy and need support and guidance around a particular life challenge, Guy Counseling is the place to come to for help. You don’t have to deal with your problem all on your own. Our solution focused “guy friendly” approach has been cultivated to help you create real options for real change.

If you are still in a place of not being sure if counseling or coaching is right for you, that’s cool. In the meantime, heat on over to our men’s blog to check out guy related articles see what resonates. Be sure to check out our Guy Pop section too on real tips for real guys!

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