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Imposter Syndrome: When you feel like a fraud

Do you ever feel like a complete fake? Ever experience the sensation that someone will expose you as a fraud? Have there been times at work where a little voice inside your head tells you that you haven’t earned your place?

If any of this sounds familiar, you may be struggling with Imposter Syndrome. In psychological terms, this is the belief that you aren’t what you appear to be. When this form of anxiety strikes, the effects can be devastating.

In this podcast, Dr. John Moore takes a deep dive into the phenomenon of imposter syndrome and explores some of the root causes.

He’ll also walk you through seven concrete things you can do to work through this challenge.

If you’ve ever worried about the imposter cops barging into your office and hauling you off to jail for being a fake, this podcast is totally for you.

Creating positive change about your self-concept and self-view is possible, but the process doesn’t happen overnight.

Show highlights:

  • A working definition of imposter syndrome
  • Possible causes and the role of your internal mind-tape
  • Examples of imposter syndrome at work
  • True stories of people who have struggled with this issue
  • My personal experiences of imposter syndrome
  • 5 traits of imposter syndrome from the work of Dr. Valerie Young
  • Assessing the role of childhood messages that get embedded in the psyche
  • The toxicity of perfectionism
  • 7 concrete steps you can take to work through
  • Building a circle of confidence and the power of affirmations
  • Creating expectations for the future

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This podcast was recorded in Chicago, Illinois.

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