What’s Up With Guy Counseling Media?

Changing names but our mission is the same

Change is never easy but sometimes, it’s necessary to grow. This is particularly true in an increasingly competitive digital world that’s niched into specific topics.

While Guy Counseling did an amazing job at reaching audiences, we recognized there were problems with the name. The primary issue related to the word “Counseling”.

Let’s be real – the term has its pros and cons. If you are hoping to find mental health and wellness material on the web targeted to men, “Counseling” is great!

But if you are looking for insight on men’s grooming, relationships, trends, and news, it doesn’t exactly fit. And so Guy Counseling Media has been born.

When I started Guy Counseling in my capacity as a counselor, I never dreamed the site would grow as fast as it did.

Not only were men stopping by for advice, they were also looking for a men’s blog on a variety of topics.

And that’s why this change is happening – but it is really minor as our URL remains the same.  To become more inclusive and to allow us to write about more of the topics guys care about.

At Guy Counseling Media – our new name for branding – the goal is to help you become a wiser man. Here are just some of the topics you’ll see on the site.

  • News on issues related to men
  • Dating and relationship articles for guys
  • Grooming hacks and advice
  • Men’s style articles
  • “How To” articles to develop men’s skills.
  • Workout hacks and tips
  • Guy-friendly self-improvement posts
  • In depth-articles on celebrities and men in history
  • Off the beaten path topics that may be bizarre, funny or simply fact-based.

The core essentials of what inspired Guy Counseling in the first place have not changed. Guy Counseling Media will continue to speak about issues that guys care about in a meaningful and substantive way.

As time goes on and the site grows, we’ll also expand on interest areas.

On behalf of everyone at Guy Counseling, thank you for following us and hope you will continue to do so as Guy Counseling Media.

If you have suggestions for the new site, please let us know. Also, if you see any glitches (they happen sometimes during change), please send me a note personally.

I promise to get right on it.



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Dr. John Moore is a licensed counselor and Editor-in-Chief of Guy Counseling. A journalist and blogger, he writes about a variety of topics related to wellness. His interests include technology, outdoor activities, science, and men's health. Check out his show --> The Men's Self Help Podcast