Can Hypnosis Help with Sexual Performance Anxiety?

hypnosis performance anxiety

Men, Intimacy and Sexual Performance Anxiety

Are you a man struggling to perform in the bedroom? Do start off strong but eventually go soft? Conversely, have you had problems with firmness at the beginning?

If you answered yes to any of the above, know that you aren’t alone. According to some research, erectile dysfunction (ED) is common among certain age groups.

As a tool for coping, some men wonder about natural approaches to help liven things up. Examples include anti-anxiety teas and mindfulness-based meditations.

But for our purposes, we’re going to explore hypnosis. The reason is simple. A question a lot of guys have is: Can hypnotherapy help with sexual performance anxiety?

Before I give you an answer, it is important to state that some causes of ED are directly related to a medical problem. While I can’t list them all, common reasons include cardiovascular disease, weight issues, and high blood pressure.

Therefore, it is critical to be examined by your physician to rule out potential medical causes.

Anxiety and Intimacy

Barring any physiological issues, it is possible that issues surrounding performance relate to anxiety. Specifically, I’m talking about fears you may have about pleasing a partner behind closed doors.

Which brings us back to that central question about hypnosis.

According to research, hypnosis for sexual anxiety has been helpful to some people. But if you think this approach involves brainwashing or turning you into some kind of manly beast, think again.

Hypnosis for sexual anxiety is all about creating a calm mental state so that you feel more confident when you are with an another.

In this way, you train your subconscious mind to become relaxed, thereby lessening the impact of anxiety.

In its purest form, we’re talking about relaxation hypnotherapy. Some consider this to be a kind of erotic hypnosis but without all of the attached stereotypes.

Hypnosis and Performance Fears

Acting as a conduit for greater self-esteem, hypnotherapy for anxiety can help you to visualize yourself in healthy ways. Depending on the hypnotist, certain affirmations are used to aid in the process.

An example might be: My partner finds me attractive. I perform strongly in the bedroom with my mate.

What’s great about anxiety focused hypnosis is that it works well as an adjunct to other things you may be doing to address the problem.

If your doctor has encouraged you to exercise more or has prescribed an ED medication, hypnotherapy can be an additional resource you can call upon as part of a comprehensive approach.

Additionally, hypnotherapy for anxiety works well as an adjunct to various forms of counseling, including cognitive behavior therapy.

The key thing to keep in mind when looking for hypnotic services linked to performance anxiety is this: Hypnosis isn’t something someone does to you. Instead, it’s a skill that you learn to create calmness, thereby increasing pleasure.

If you are a man who is considering hypnosis to help you with sexual anxiety issues, it is best to work with a mental health professional trained in hypnotherapy.

Summing Things Up

Natural approaches to anxiety work best when they are combined with traditional methods, carried out by your physician or mental health counselor.

Bear in mind that hypnotherapy isn’t “therapy” in and of itself but instead, a tool of therapy.

If you are looking for more information on the psychological causes of ED and natural ways of working through, there is a terrific book called Coping with Erectile Dysfunction by Metz and McCarthy. See Amazon for price.

Who knows – with a little bit of focus on yourself, things could be looking up.

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