Turns Out Intimacy Is Great for Improving Your Memory


New study suggests intimacy helps memory 


A new study has been published that offers another benefit to intimacy (sex) – better short-term memory.


We often hear about the many benefits of sex but don’t always see the data backing up the claims. Thanks to a new study published in the Achieves of Sexual Behavior, we now have something concrete to tout.

In this line of research, investigators found that having sex as you age (or simple, intimate things like kissing or touching) can have a meaningful impact on your short-term memory.

For this study, researchers analyzed the behaviors of 6,000 people who were age 50 and over. The medium age was 66.

Part of the study included assessing each person’s quality of health, dietary intake and socioeconomic status, according to the folks at Business Insider.

Participants were also asked to fill out a questionnaire where they took part in a memory-testing task and disclosed how often they had sex.

In the final analysis, the investigators picked up on an amazing correlation between short-term memory tasks and intimacy. In other words, sexy-time seemed to boost memory.

Now there are a few caveats to mention before getting too excited. First, the study did reveal that the memory for all participants declined over a two-year span. Additionally, the research doesn’t offer concrete proof that intimacy improves a person’s long-term memory.

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That said, any benefit to short-term memory linked to intimacy should be celebrated. If you have ever misplaced your car keys for example or forgotten the name of a coworker, you can see how this study is welcomed news.

Investigators aren’t exactly sure why short-term memory may benefit from intimacy however, the investigators think it may have something to do with stimulating the frontal lobe.

The researchers hope the findings from this study will build upon previous studies exploring intimacy and memory.

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