10 Ways To Attract Positive Energy Into Your Life

attract positive energy

Attracting Positive Energy

Many people believe the saying “you are what you eat.” They don’t go so far, though, as to recognize you are what you think. What you think about most colors how you feel and behave.

It influences your present and future and determines the way you view the past. Your thinking style also attracts or repels positivity and has a huge impact on whether you’re happy.

Note these 10 tips if you want to increase positive emotions and draw positive people and events to you.

1. Focus on positivity

Pay attention to positivity because what you focus on grows. It rises in your mind as you hone your concentration until it’s what you see more than anything else. Your life may not be a bed of roses, but positive qualities exist.

Observe them, mentally turning them over in your head until they expand and you will feel their presence.

2. Think about what you love

What do you love? Your family? Your dog? That special place you visit on vacation? Think about those things when you want to boost positive emotions. Let them fill your mind.

Consider specific qualities about them that make you happy and let your thoughts linger on them for a few minutes at a time.

3. Be with positive people

There’s a good reason you feel down when you spend time with pessimistic people and happy when you’re with optimistic folks. Science explains human hearts project mood frequencies that affect people near them.

You can’t avoid every individual who projects bad vibes, but you can choose to be with positive people when you get the chance.

4. Create a harmonious environment

Have you thought about how you’re influenced by the environment? You will soak up negativity or generate it if it surrounds you. Take charge of your personal space.

Maybe you have an office or a room in your home you consider your area even if you live with other people. Or your garden might be under your control. Select a place you’re in charge of and create a peaceful, stress-free zone in which to relax.

Go there at least once a day so your mind learns to associate the area with positivity and calm.

5. Feed your soul with positive fuel

Imagine everything around you emits a negative, neutral, or positive frequency. Such frequencies nourish or deplete your energy.

Feed your body and soul with high vibrations rather than those lower on the emotional scale. Upbeat music, inspiring literature, and natural foods, for instance, instill positivity.

6. Fix the intention to attract positivity in your mind

Your mind is open to suggestion just before you sleep and when you wake up, so use these occasions to implant positivity. Affirmations and intentions whether listened to via an mp3 player or spoken silently in your mind can create a positive attitude.

An excellent way to get started with affirmations and intentions is to conduct a body scan to increase mindfulness.

7. Ignore what you dislike

Train your mind to ignore aspects of life you can’t change. Other people can’t annoy or distress you, for instance, if you make their behavior unimportant to you. You have the power to take charge of your emotional state rather than allow events to control your mood.

As long as you shift your attention away from things you don’t like they won’t influence how you feel.

8. Boost gratitude

Be thankful for things that lift your spirit or make your life easy and pleasant. The people, places, and events you enjoy fuel happiness and appreciating them will boost positivity.

Include everything that delights your senses from scents you relish to sounds that soothe you since they feature prominently in your positive experiences.

9. Let go of resentment

Resentment builds negativity–let it go. People might annoy you and events might not always go well, but don’t dwell on them. If negative emotions like resentment arise, acknowledge them.

Thank your clever mind for reminding you what you want and don’t want in life via emotion-based signals, then shift your attention. See your negativity as internal guidance and you will put it to good use rather than get upset.

10. Practice instant forgiveness

Another way to avoid resentment is to practice instant forgiveness. When you realize everyone does the best they can due to their level of consciousness and knowledge, you know you can’t expect more from them than they offer. Forgiving them is simple as you accept them without needing them to change.

Follow the tips provided and you’ll be positive. Consequently, you’ll think, perceive, and act in positive ways. You’ll see events through positive eyes and people will change how they respond to you. Optimistic people will be drawn to you. Negative people will often change and raise their vibration in your company. Those who don’t, though, won’t worry you.

References: Youtube.com, Gregg Braden, and Heartmath.org.

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