Anxiety Podcast: Autogenic Training Meditation

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Anxiety Podcast – Calmness

Anxiety Podcast: Learn Autogenic Training

I’m very happy you’ve decided to take this step today to learn a new skill that is designed to create a sense of inner-peace. Specifically, I am talking about Autogenic Training.

As you listen to the sounds on this MP3, I encourage you to find a comfortable place to relax. Examples include listening while lying on your bed, sitting back in a comfortable chair or stretched out on your living room floor.

But please, do not listen to this recording while you are operating an automobile – even if you are just a passenger.

If you happen to be in an office chair, take a moment now to ensure that your wheels are locked and that you are positioned in ways that make you most comfortable.

Autogenic Training is a pathway to calmness. By listening to this hypnotic meditation, and by practicing the affirmations that follow, you can create a state of relaxation, happiness and peace – deep inside.

There’s nothing you really need to try and do. Simply follow my directions and notice that my voice will go with you.

At the conclusion of this recording, you will find that you have experienced something amazing – and developed a new skill that can be called upon in the future.

In a moment, you will hear ambient music playing in the background. These sounds have been added to help enhance your experience and deepen your state of relaxation.

anxiety meditation autogenic training
Think of the sun

While you engage in this exercise, you may hear sounds from the outside world. Consider these nothing more than confirmation that the universe is doing just fine.

Now go ahead and clear your mind.

Draw your awareness to your breath.

With intent, allow yourself to breathe in and out, focusing your attention on the moment. This would be a good time to close your eyes and pay attention to anywhere you’re carrying the tension of the day.

Unclench the jaw; relax the small, tiny muscles in your brow and your eyelids.

If you’re sitting in a chair, let your hands rest on the arms of the chair – or – on your lap – without being crossed.

Let your feet rest firmly on the floor below you.

If you’re lying on the ground or resting on a bed, you can let your arms lay comfortably beside you – next to your body.

Let your heels rest comfortably on the ground – nice and relaxed.

Pay attention to your breath. By paying attention to the breath, you are drawing your attention to the here and now.

Wow – you are doing absolutely perfect. You are doing exactly what you are supposed to be doing right now – to learn the art of Autogenic Training.

Anywhere you notice any remaining tension of the day, just release those places that hold that tension. Let your shoulders relax. You can even let your chin fall towards your chest, if you’re sitting in a chair.

Let any stress and tension that remains simply melt away.

Notice, that without effort, your breathing has already become more smooth and rhythmic. Your heart rate has slowed and become calm and regular.

It’s amazing how practicing something this simple, with intention, generates an environment of focus, allowing you to tap into that special place of inner creativity.

“Calm and regular”

“Calm and regular”

You’re doing perfect.

At this time, draw your awareness to your hands.

As you focus on your hands, think of the word – warmth. Visualize a bright, sunny day where the warmth of the sun touched your skin and radiated throughout your body.

I don’t know if it will happen now or later, but … you may become aware of a warm, tingling sensation that, is everywhere and nowhere at once.

Should this happen – simply go with the experience.

Your subconscious mind knows exactly what to produce and when to produce it.

Allow yourself to feel this warmness and continue focusing on your hands.

Say to yourself – perhaps in a whisper:

My hands are warm

My hands are warm

My hands are warm

Let yourself notice this sensation of warmness on the back of your hands – the inside of the hands – and even the fingertips.

You might be aware of a slight awareness of warmth, or it may be an incredible feeling of warmth. Either way is OK. You are accessing the creative part of your mind to generate a sense of warmness in your hands … as you relax.

As easily as you can create warmth in the hands, you can even create heaviness as well. Say to yourself:

My hands are heavy

My hands are heavy

My hands are heavy

And let those hands become heavy.

Notice that as you breathe in and out, as the heart rate slows a bit, as the breath continues to be smooth and rhythmic, your entire body can experience a sense of heaviness.

Now, focus on your feet. Become aware of heaviness in your feet with an awareness of warmth.

Say to yourself:

My feet are warm and heavy

My feet are warm and heavy

My feet are warm and heavy

You are doing great – you really are.

Notice that you’ve created a state of relaxation and accessed that part of the mind where creativity lies – where intuition exists and where solutions are experienced.

Continue to imagine the warmth from the sun as you experience this calmness – with your arms and legs resting heavily.

My right arm is heavy

I am calm and relaxed

My left arm is heavy

I am calm and relaxed

Both of my arms are heavy

I am calm and relaxed

My right leg is heavy

I am calm and relaxed

My left leg is heavy

I am calm and relaxed

Both of my legs are heavy

I am calm and relaxed

My arms and legs are heavy and warm

I feel at peace

Now, imagine a cool breeze is caressing your forehead and you feel cool and comfortable.

Continue to feel the heaviness and warmth in your arms and legs, calmness in your breathing, strength in your heartbeat, and coolness on your forehead.

You feel good.

Just stay the way you are, relaxed, energized, filled with vibrant energy.

I am going to count backwards from 5 to 1. When we reach zero, you will open your eyes … slowly … and feel wide awake and alert.

Five: becoming more awake and alert

Four: feeling your mind and body reawaken

Three: move your muscles a little

Two: more alert and aware of your environment

One: Firmly centered in the here and now

Zero: open your eyes – feeling full of energy and refreshed

Adapted from Dr. Richard Nongard – Subliminal Science

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