Men are Bleaching and Waxing Their Butts in New Manscaping Trend

anal bleaching for men

Grooming News: Anal bleaching and waxing for guys is in


Anal bleaching and waxing catching on for guys


It’s no secret that just like any other body part, guys care about how they look. Moreover, certain body parts tend to get more attention than others, particularly during manscaping.

For example – did you know a lot of guys shave their butt? Yep, they absolutely do. But what if I told you the latest trend among guys – yes straight guys – is to have their butts bleached and waxed?

Well, it’s absolutely happening. According to a story published by the good folks over at Men’s Health, there are a growing number of guys who are coming into the spa and requesting to have their anus bleached and their butts waxed.

how to shave your butt for menHere’s part of what the story says at MH:

“Enrique Ramirez is a licensed esthetician. He’s been working in the salon industry for nearly two decades. Over the years, he’s provided a lot of different services to a lot of different people.

But more recently, he’s been receiving inquiries from a specific demographic regarding a very specific service. More recently, he’s been getting straight guys asking about bleaching their butts.”

What’s interesting is how this trend seems to follow other grooming movements among guys. One example includes men having their jaws injected with filler to get a “Macho Mouth”.

Another example can be found in the increased interest on the topic of how guys go about the business of properly shaving their pubic areas.

Guy Counseling spoke to Chicago based counselor Marcello Gonzalez who works with a lot of men around issues of personal appearance. Here’s his take:

“More and more, men want to feel good about how they look. Part of this can involve manscaping. Getting your anus bleached and waxed can be part of the dynamic. There’s no shame in this.”

Well, there you have it. A new trend among guys who engage in personal grooming and self-care rituals: anal bleaching and waxing. Will you be giving it a try?

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