How Yoga Helps Men Look Younger and Feel Stronger

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Men can benefit from yoga in major ways

If we take a look at most western yoga classes, it is clear women dominate them. You will rarely see a man in the classes. This is mostly because of the belief that yoga is something that only women should do. Fortunately, this is a changing trend, with more and more guys actively partaking in this activity around the world.

The most common question that men have is:

“Why should I do yoga?”

There is a perception this activity is really easy and that it doesn’t help build muscle or increase endurance. All it does is allow you to stand in weird positions, right? Wrong!

The health benefits of this activity are highly documented. Yoga Journal highlights 38 of them right here. However, for men only some are particularly important, including those presented below.

Increased Strength And Flexibility

Men often avoid yoga as they think they are not flexible. Most people that are new to yoga actually think they are not flexible enough to practice it or that the routines are just warm ups. This is because when you look at clips or articles about yoga routines, you often find people sitting in positions that you simply cannot do.

What should be known is that one of the big physical benefits associated with yoga is that it improves strength and flexibility. These are not actually prerequisites for starting yoga routines. In fact, yoga is renowned for helping those with incredibly bad flexibility improve and regain what was once lost.

Just take a look at success stories and you will see people that start with incredibly reduced flexibility and end up being able to do the complex poses that seem impossible.

No Need To Go To The Gym Or Buy Expensive Equipment

Yoga does improve flexibility, balance and strength, all without having to go to the gym. One of the reasons why many men end up in a very bad shape is a low self-esteem caused by not liking how they look. Something bad happens and because of not liking what is seen in the mirror, people just do not go to the gym. There is this fear of being judged by others because of personal appearance.

This type of activity can be done at home. In fact, thanks to the evolution of the internet and the increased availability of information, you can practice anywhere, with videos showing you all you have to do. All that you really need is a good pair of yoga pants (the reason why can be seen here), a proper mat and some minor helping equipment if you are dealing with injuries or have lower flexibility.

Eased Pain And Lower Injury Possibility

Have you lived an active lifestyle and now you deal with body pain that simply does not disappear? Yoga is a highly effective way to deal with this problem. When compared with bodybuilding, which can expose you to really strenuous activities that will increase injury risk, yoga just requires moving through some poses.

Yoga poses can be as light or as challenging as you want them to be. Injury risk is automatically reduced.

It needs to be added that yoga also stretches the entire body so the pain that is already felt is alleviated, especially when it affects joints. Many men often experience chronic back pain. Yoga has different stretches just for that. The same thing can be said about all body parts.

Creating A Positive Lifestyle Change

When a man ends up in a really bad shape or faces a point in time when a major lifestyle change is needed (like after a divorce), yoga can be a very good solution. It improves overall well-being while promoting mental toughness and physical health.

As men practice yoga, they experience shifts in sleeping patterns and even a need to change the diet appears. Excelling with this form of wellness does not require following a very heavy recovery plan or workout.

Yoga Is Highly Effective For Weight Loss

Participate in a class and you will quickly notice everyone is sweating. Heart rate goes quite high and you normally end up losing a lot more weight than you initially anticipated. Lifting weights is also great for losing weight but yoga is actually a much easier option to consider.

And you know what else – it’s also very good for gut health. It helps massage internal organs and the poses you will do will actually increase metabolic rate. Since you sweat a lot and the body needs to react, you actually end up craving for healthier food because you need more energy to go through the routines.

You Will Feel Younger

Yoga increases vitality and has really clear mental benefits. Regardless of age, this activity makes you feel younger. This is why it is actually highly recommended for the elderly as it allows them to stay fit, healthy and positive.

The only problem is that this does not happen overnight. You do need to go through regular practice for you to feel younger. However, results appear much faster than in other sports. This is especially true when referring to flexibility and core strength.

Reduced Stress

Do you need to relax after a really long work week? Yoga is hard to beat when it comes to its capability to reduce the stress you feel. Positivity is actively promoted and as you regularly practice the routines, you find yourself with more energy and with a better mood.

It naturally boosts mental health. It calms and clears your mind. It can even help reduce the negative influence of depression. Are you suffering from anxiety? This activity is a great way to fight it!

Improved Sexual Performance

For so many women and men, sexual performance becomes a problem as aging steps in. Many studies showed that men practicing yoga will actually improve sexual performance. This is because of increases noticed in orgasm, desire, performance, erection and even confidence.

Yoga will lower stress and keep your body flexible. These two automatically improve sexual performance. Blood flow is regulated and more pleasure is felt. Simply put, the more time you spend on the mat, the better the sex will be!

Final Thoughts

Yoga has a pretty bad reputation among men and is generally regarded as something women should do. Hopefully, the benefits above changed this perception. Keep in mind that professional athletes, men, now use it as a regular part of their workout routines.

Floyd Mayweather practiced yoga when preparing to fight Conor McGregor. There are countless MMA fighters, bodybuilders, football players and wrestlers that now actively promote this form of physical exercise. This is because of the benefits mentioned above and many others.

All men should at least try a yoga-activity at least once. If you choose to do this, be sure you start under the guidance of an experienced instructor or friend that has been doing it for a longer time though. This will help you get started right.

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