Why Men Develop Acne Past 30

Why men get acne later in life

Are you a man that struggles with acne? Are you over 30 and wondering why pimples still dot your face? Looking for practical ways to deal with it?

If the answer is yes, you wouldn’t be alone.

Many guys assume acne is a problem only teens deal with. If only this were true. The reality is the appearance of pimples can happen to anyone, regardless of their age.

That said, there are certain factors that can attribute to pimples. Guy Counseling spoke with dermatologist Dr. Tom Balshi in Delray Beach, Florida about facial acne with a focus on causal factors.

Here’s what he told us.

1. Bad Nutrition

Bad nutrition is one of the worst causes of late-stage acne. If your diet consists mostly of junk food, you are depriving your skin of important nutrients. Moreover, you are also clogging up your pores with zit causing fats.

FYI: A lack of vitamin A, D, or C, lower’s your immune system’s defenses; something your skin needs to repair itself and push back against formation of acne.

There are other obvious benefits to eating healthier. Examples include stronger bones, less body weight and better increase your self-esteem.

Obviously, changing your diet can be easier said than done.  Start small and try to include fruits and vegetables in every meal.  Avoid eating processed foods and minimize your dairy intake.

Remember the food plate you learned about in high school? Well, today it is called the food plate. The name have changed but the basic tenants remain the same.

Try to structure your diet in ways that are similar to what you see on this page – published by the USDA.

These foods have the properties needed for skin health, so you skin can once again get back its glowing, healthy complexion and be acne and blemish free.

2. Stress

Everyone has stress in some form or another, whether it takes the shape of work, your love life, or family. If you are in your 30’s and have a sudden outburst of acne, it could very well be attributed to the stress you are taking on.

Stress can throw the body off and sometimes, for men especially, the body can produce more testosterone as a response to this.  This can trigger the onset of acne, which is why if you are in your 30’s, you may find yourself with these unwanted blemishes popping up on your face.

It’s important to find methods to manage your stress.  And of course, if stress is combined with a bad diet, then your acne may be worse.

It’s tempting to reach for the junk food if you are under stress, but remember, if you want to maintain clear skin, things like exercising and finding other outlets are going to be a much better solution.

3. Smoking

We live in the era where many us understand the dangerous, fatal, and life-threatening effects of smoking.  If you are still smoking, you may want to put that cigarette out right now, because your chances of late-stage acne increases with every time you light up.

The negative effects of cigarettes are numerous, but one is that smoking dries out many of your body’s natural productions, like its oil and sweat glands.

These glands work overtime with each cigarette puff you inhale to overcompensate, and the result of this is your pores becoming clogged and acne forming.  Smoking won’t look cool if you are in your 30’s and have acne, will it?

4. Bacterial Infection or Hormones

These two factors really cannot be helped unless by your dermatologist.  Hormones are constantly changing and if you cannot relate to the other reasons why you may have acne in your 30s, it could be because of a hormone imbalance.

Fortunately, there are prescriptions that your dermatologist can prescribe you to help with keeping this unavoidable acne at bay.

Bacterial infections may also be the cause of your later-staged acne.  Prevent unnecessary exposure to bacteria by making sure your phone screen is clean, your pillowcase is washed, or any other object that may come in contact with your facial skin.

Maintain your beard by thoroughly washing it on a daily basis so no bacteria can become trapped by your facial hair.

5. Excessive Exposure to Sunlight

The skin on your face maintains a perfectly balanced oil ratio to protect it from outside toxins and to keep it hydrated and retaining an appropriate amount of moisture.

Exposure to ultra violet radiation throughout your life can throw this delicate oil production off balance, and soon enough, you are in your 30’s with acne.

This is why, as part of a daily skincare ritual, you’ll want to wear sunscreen. This means applying it to your face even if it is cloudy outside.

UV exposure will end up damaging your skin and clogging pores; two factors that can lead to an upset of acne.  And if you think that sunscreen is going to clog your pores, think again, because the UV radiation will be much more damaging.

Wrap Up

Your doctor can help you with your concerns by recommending treatment options. This may include prescribing medication that can prevent and get rid of pimples you have right now.

Hopefully, the suggestions made here can help you to reduce unsightly blemishes and increase your confidence.

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