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Zac Efron Skin Routine for Real Guys

There are many great things that can be said about Zac Efron and his super handsome looks. One feature that stands out immediately about the star is his skin. Specifically, I am talking about his face. Efron has smooth, almost velvet like skin that does not appear porous.

The actor often has a bit of stubble, which helps add to his sexy look in movies. At times his skin can appear a bit oily but I believe he has a skincare routine to help him manage this issue.

I acknowledge Zac probably has a crew of people who put him together however, he likely does some things at home to create what we see on TV and in movies.

Zac Efron’s skin probably benefits a combination of lifestyle habits and good skin hygiene. I am going to touch upon a little of both to hopefully help give you Zac Efron’s skin on a budget in 8 easy and affordable steps. 

Zac Efron Movie Star Skin in 8 Steps



1. Avoid Sugar

If you want to have glowing, attractive skin like Efron, you will want to make some dietary changes to help yield maximum results. Notice that Zac’s skin sometimes appears oily, particularly when you see him on under bright lights.

According to Phyllis Balch, certified nutritional consultant and the author of the Prescription Guide to Natural Healing, it is important to avoid soft drinks or beverages that contain a lot of sugar.

Instead, opt for fruits if you have a sweet tooth. The idea here is to not clog up pours with caramelized products that are found in many sodas and food products.  It is likely Efron skips these kinds of drinks to keep the shine on his face to a minimum.

If you really need a sugar fix, opt for natural sources of sweetness, like apples or oranges.

2. Use the right cleanser

You do not have to spend massive amounts of money in order to clean your skin properly. I always laugh when I see so called “skin-consultants” recommend products that cost more than most people’s cellphone bill.

One excellent skin cleanser for most all skin types is Cetaphil. The product itself is gentle and non-alkaline. What’s more, Cetaphil also has slightly an acidic pH and contain high concentrations of hydrating cetyl alcohol (which is present in all skin types) and sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, which is good for oily skins.

What is nice is that this product does not contain “soap” which can strip your skin of moisture that it likely needs.

While I cannot be sure, I suspect he washes his face two times a day with something like Cetaphil to clean debris from his pores while also helping to lock in moisture. You can buy Cetaphil at most drug stores or at a discounted rate online. Prices range from $10.00 to $30.00, depending upon the amount in the bottle.


3. Sleep

Sleep is an extremely important part of skin-care. While there certainly have been reports in the past of Efron’s “wild” side and lifestyle, you can be sure that when he prepares for a movie role, he is doing everything possible to look his best. This means getting enough sleep.

Research suggests most Americans only get 5-6 hours of sleep. To be blunt, if you want to look your best, 5-6 hours is not enough. Eight to nine hours is recommend by most experts.


4. Moisturizer

Finding the right moisturizer, particularly for men, is not always easy. This is because a good chunk of the products available are the marketplace are geared towards a woman’s skin-type. Men have “thicker skin” according to the research, by about 25%. Men also have a higher collagen density.

While this may sound good in theory, the truth is many guys blow their natural skin advantages over women because they are out in the sun more. I am not going to lecture on this however.

Instead, I am going to point you into the right direction for the proper moisturizer so that if you are out in the sun a lot or not, you have something to protect your face while also locking in moisturizer.

Zac Efron probably likes to be in the sun, based on many photographs we see of him outdoors. I suspect he uses a product like Anthony Logistics for Men Oil Free Facial Lotion with a SPF 15.

I’ve used this product because I have oily skin and can share with you that the product works well. You can get this product for less than $30.00 at some skin care shops (Sephora, Ulta) or you can purchase online if you wish to be discrete. It’s also a lot cheaper to buy this online.


5. Water

You have probably heard this skin-care tip before but it is worth mentioning here. Water is extremely important to having healthy skin. Zac Efron’s skin likely benefits from him drinking lots of H20, just going by the many pictures of him downing down bottles of it.

As a general rule of thumb, try to drink at least 8 full glasses a day and if possible, use distilled or spring water. Your town’s tap water is probably fine but remember that it has likely been treated with chemicals. Just something to think about.



6. Face Mask

If you want to have skin like Zac Efron, you are going to have to get comfortable with using some type of facial mask. I know this may sound not very man like but it’s like this – good skin care means engaging in things we may not always be comfortable with.

When you look at Efron’s skin, it glows. I suspect he is using a firming mask that also cleans.

One effective and inexpensive skin product that is good for most all skin types is Queen Helene Mud Pack Mask. The great thing about this mask is that it uses natural English clay that is imported specifically for this product. It cleans the pours and tightens skin, giving a youthful, refreshed look as the final result.

Wrinkles also soften after using this product. I personally have found this mud mask to be very effective. Here is the shocker – you can get this for less think might think. Honestly, there is no need to spend big bucks for a basic maintenance mask. Just use something like the one I am recommending once a week and you will see results fairly quickly.

7. Exercise

Exercise is an important part of any self-care plan but for guys, it is particularly important. Why? Simply because physical activities, like cardio and weight lifting help to increase blood circulation, which carries nutrients to the entire body and removes toxins.

So long story short, there is a reason Zac Efron has the skin he has and it is not all genetics and age working their magic! The guy works out! If you want Zac Efron skin, you will want to hit the gym regularly.

plyometric-exercises-strength-and-power8. Night Moisturizer

There are tons of men’s moisturizers on the market and if you notice, most all of them are ridiculously overpriced. I don’t have the inside baseball on the specific nighttime moisturizer Efron uses however, I suspect he might use something like Zirh Face Moisturizer.

There are no harsh chemicals in this product, which is particularly helpful for those who may have sensitive skin. It is lightweight and applies easily. Zirh is great for reducing the appearance of fine lines and locking in moisture. Use a product like this after you have washed your face before going to bed.


Zac’s Skin- On a Budget

When you look at the skincare products that are available for men, you often see overpriced items that no real person could afford on a regular basis. I am assuming most of the readers of this blog do not have Zac Efron’s salary.

You can however get Zac’s look by taking proper care of your skin, engaging in healthy lifestyle habits and using products which promote elasticity and glow. And the best thing? You don’t have to spend a fortune!

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