Is the TechMatte iPhone 8 Screen Protector Worth the Money?

techmatte iphone 8 screen protector review

Review of Techmatte’s screen protector

If you have ever bought an iPhone, you already know they can cost a small fortune. One accidental drop can literally cost you hundreds of dollars.

I should know – I’ve watched the screens on two previous iPhones crack right before my very eyes. In both instances, the phones slipped from my hands while I was replying to emails.

And I’m here to tell you that even the tiniest crack on a smartphone will eventually lead to giant cracks, rendering your device useless.

After purchasing a new iPhone 8 a month ago, I decided it was best to get a screen protector. There are tons of them on the market so trying to figure out the best product can be a chore.

Ultimately, I decided to go with TechMatte. I learned about their screen protector from a friend; a person who also has a history of dropping devices.

So, there are two questions you likely want to know:

1. Is the Techmatte iPhone 8 screen protector worth the money?

2. Does the product work?

All I can tell you is that after placing the protector on my phone and later dropping it twice, my phone remains crack-free. But before continuing, I need to say that I also have a hard-plastic case for my iPhone, which certainly helped a lot.

That said, on the two occasions my phone slipped from my hands, I didn’t notice any problems.

The first time it happened, I was responding to a text outside of my office. It was cold outside and I think my fingers were frozen. As a result, the phone slipped from my hand and onto the hard concrete. While I can’t be sure, it must have been at a height of around 4FT. When I went to pick it up, I truly thought the screen was going to be ruined.

To my surprise, it was in perfect condition.

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The second incident occurred last week. I went to grab my phone from my gym bag and – you guessed it – dropped it. In that situation, the device fell onto my kitchen floor, which is made of tile. Again, knowing the exact height is difficult to say for sure but I’m going to guess it was around 3-4FT.

I can tell you that after picking the phone up, the screen remained in perfect condition. Not even a scratch.

So, is Techmate’s iPhone 8 screen protector worth spending the money? I can only say I am very pleased with the product. At a national retail price of $8.00, it’s not all that expensive.

Additionally, I found the screen itself was easy to apply and goes on in less than a minute. I know there are other reviews online that suggest this screen protector isn’t all that great and that there are better products on the market. I certainly respect those points of view.

Do you have a screen protector for your iPhone? If so, did you get Techmate’s product or some other brand? What has been your experience? Please feel free to share in the comments.

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