A Cheap and Personal Valentine’s Day Gift She Will Go Crazy For

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Valentine’s Day ideas for her

Valentine’s Day is coming soon and I know that a lot of you out there (looking at you) still have no idea what kind of a gift you want to buy for your girlfriend.

There are around a million problems with those gifts and we are wrong almost always with them.
What to buy, how much to spend, what will she love?
There is just an endless number of possibilities…to go wrong!

Luckily for you (and me), I found a solution in the last year so hear me out.
How she cried her eyes out on this gift

A ripe potato on a small black box as a gift
I had only 7 dollars in my pocket and my girlfriend was graduating that day. I had to buy her a gift and it was supposed to be something big. She just finished her master’s degree so we had a celebratory lunch after it.

Her parents, closest friends, and family attended the lunch. And the gifts that came out of the bags.

Oh my God, they were all super expensive stuff.

Perfumes, jewelry, golden necklaces, rings, and watches.
And there was me. A poor guy opening his first company with only 7 dollars in my pocket.

But I had a trick up my sleeve. I knew my girlfriend.

So I went to a supermarket and bought 2 things that cost 3 dollars in total + a 4 dollar gift bag.

The 2 items I bought were a can of beer and a single potato.

I wrapped the gifts and put them in the bag. And I waited until everyone gave her the gifts. I waited and gave her my bag as the last present.

The moment she unwrapped my gifts, she started crying and gave me the biggest hug and kiss in the world.  Her parents looked at her like she was crazy. Her friends did the same.

It was just a damn potato and a can of beer.

But the thing is that she comes from a small town famous for their potatoes. And she used to eat them for 5 years while studying for exams. After she ate the potatoes, we would open up a can of beer and drink it slowly while talking about life.

So when she saw these 2 items, she didn’t see a potato and a can of beer. She saw 5 years of her life and all the memories that came alongside it.

The gift was great because it was personal.

The second gift I created for my next girlfriend happened to come from a similar place.

The Love Letter

Again, I was broke (startups tend to swallow all of your money) and needed to figure out something personal fast and cheap.

I knew that my girlfriend worked for an online magazine. So I’ve decided to write her a love letter.
An old-fashioned, sprinkled with perfume, mailed to inbox, love letter.

It took me 30 minutes in total to write it in Word. I used a fancy font, put a nice watermark on the document, printed it out and shipped it to her address.

We had a long distance relationship so she came to my city with her gifts for Valentine’s Day, but mine was traveling.

So she spent the entire weekend questioning me about the gift. And all I said was “you will see when you get home”.

2 days later, she came home and phoned me immediately, crying to me on the phone. She said it is the most beautiful thing she ever read (yeah, I put emotions in the letter).

We broke up later on, but she told me recently that she still keeps the letter nailed to the door of her room.

What these examples showed me is that the gifts don’t need to be big, expensive or crazy. They just need to be personal.

a brown box gift wraped with a red tape

Simple as that.

But Bruno, how do I figure out what is personal?

Yeah, I suspected you might ask that.

So I devised a small cheat sheet that will help you find/create a personal gift.

A cheat-sheet for Valentine’s Day ideas for her

1. Recreate your first date.

This lights up the relationship like a match lights up the paper. Instantly, ferociously and both of you suddenly feel warm.

2. Create a T-shirt for her to sleep in… with a picture of your face on the front side of the shirt.

You can add a funny line or your internal joke here. This kind of gift keeps reminding her of you since she wears it to sleep almost every single night. What a better way to show her how great of a boyfriend you are then having hear “wear” your gift every single night.

3. Scroll down to the beginning of your chat on Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp or any messaging tool and read the first messages you shared with each other.

There are a tone of hints here because, in the introductory phase, everyone shares personal stories/things you like/things you dislike.

4.Make a picture compilation of you two.

Print it out, frame it and voilà, you got yourself an amazing gift. Again, you can use different pictures to create different picture compilations like one for work and/or one for home.

5. Make a video compilation of you two.

This one takes a bit more time than the pictures, but it’s more impactful.

6. Write her a love letter.

But write a real love letter, spray it with perfume and mail it (real, physical mail). Be real when writing the letter and write about traits/experiences/situations you really like about the other person.

It is a powerful gift and it’s simple and easy to do.

But as Jim Rohn said it “Simple things are easy to do, but they are also easy not to do.”

7. Buy her a book/movie/toy she adored as a child/kid.

It’s quite easy to find things like this today (thank you Amazon) and you shouldn’t underestimate these gifts. They show your other half that you know them to the core, that you know what they wanted to do as a child, what did they love, cherish, wanted and dreamed about.

And that was a small cheat sheet for great Valentine’s Day gifts. Just remember to keep it personal like this book habit sheet and it will all be fine.

You have an idea what to get her already? Share it with us down below.

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