What’s Your Love Style Plus Serious Penis Shame In Men (Podcast)

love styles

Love styles in romantic relationships

What type of lover are you? Do you instantly attach to another you are romantically interested in? When you meet someone, is it the physical attraction that sucks you in?

Falling in love and creating emotional bonds is a complicated topic. Philosophers and scholars have written about it for years. Know how you attach to another can help you gain better insight on your attachment style.

In this podcast, Dr. John Moore dives deep into Lee’s Love styles and walks through six typologies related to love. As part of the discussion, he’ll also draw links between early childhood experiences and attachment styles.

Finally, Moore answers an email from a younger man who is struggling with a serious case of penis shame. It’s so bad for him that his confidence is shot.

If these topics sound interesting to you then you’ll want to tune into this episode of Guy Counseling Radio.

Show Highlights

  • An exploration of Lee’s love styles
  • A quick tour of each attachment typology
  • Exploring how the way we love is learned
  • Insights about healthy verses unhealthy approaches to romance
  • Love blueprints assessed
  • Personal behaviors in romantic relationships
  • Listener email about a case of penis shame
  • The truth about “size” and what is considered average
  • The story of “Billy” and how he was shamed in high school for his size
  • Discussion on why size isn’t at important as what you do with it
  • New trend on men injecting themselves with dermal fillers

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This podcast was recorded in Chicago, Illinois.

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