Old Spice Hair Paste for Men: Worth it or Rip Off?

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Review of Old Spice Hair Paste Review

Old Spice Hair Paste – it’s a product you have probably seen at your local pharmacy or grocery store. I know that I certainly have. It’s kind of hard to miss because the container is a bright red with the iconic Old Spice ship as the logo.

Curious if this product really works, I decided to pick up a can about a month ago and start using it. Now that enough time has passed, I figured I would come here and share my impressions with you.

The essentials questions are as follows: Does Old Spice Hair Paste work and is it worth the money?

All I can tell you is that since buying this product, I’ve been really pleased. In my case, I purchased the 2.64 oz at my local Target. The truth is I am in that store a few times a month to pick up various items (I’ve even bought nicotine patches there).

At any rate, I paid around $6.00 for a 2.64 ounce can of the company’s “Unruly” textured finish. Because my hair tends to be wavy, I figured this was probably the right type to go with.

Here is what I like about the Old Spice paste:

  • A little bit goes a long way.
  • It has a faint fragrance that is similar to the company’s marquis aftershave.
  • Goes on smooth and blends nicely.
  • Great for offering texture.
  • Holds up well outdoors in the wind.
  • Offers decent holding power that’s good most of the day.
  • Easy to throw in a gym bag
  • Price point is affordable (national retail price $6.99).

You may be wondering if there is anything I don’t like about Old Spice’s hair product? Well, to keep it real, the one thing that is kind of annoying is how it can leave a whitish paste on your sidewalls.

Let me explain.

Typically, I have a buzzcut (of sorts) with some grey hair going on with the sides. In between barber shop visits, that hair obviously grows out. To keep things pat down, I use gels or pasts to help with flattening.

When using the Old Spice paste, I noticed that sometimes, it would leave a bit of residue that was kind of noticeable. What I learned over the course of time was to stick my finger in the can and use a tiny amount of product.

The end result? No more pasty sidewalls. This was a learning process. Keep in mind you may have different results, depending on your hair color, texture, and hairstyle.

So, is Old Spice Paste for men’s hair worth the money? Again, I can only tell you that I’ve been very pleased. In fact, I will likely buy this guy again in the future once I’m done with my current can.

I recognize there are other reviews on the Internet that suggest this is a mediocre product and that there are better pastes on the market. Please know I’m not trying to take away from anyone else’s experience.

Speaking only for myself, I am very satisfied with the results. Have you used Old Spice Hair Paste? If so, what’s been your experience? Do you think it is worth the money?

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