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Men Problems and Issues Explored

Guy Counseling & Coaching offers counseling & coaching services for men that is specifically targeted to their lives. The goal is to help you live a more fulfilling, meaningful life. With years of experience, Guy Counseling has discovered effective, direct ways to help men find real solutions to real life problems. It’s a symbiotic relationship designed to help meet men wherever they are in life.

Guy Counselor & educator Dr. John Moore is an expert in men’s counseling. His solution focused approach to counseling, coupled with training and life experiences has allowed him to quickly identify the real issues going on in men’s lives that are preventing them from reaching their full potential.

He understands how men think, how they act and knows first-hand what resonates with guys and more importantly – what doesn’t.

To keep it real, there are many myths about counseling for men. A lot of guys buy into stereotypes about counseling and think:

  • Only chicks go to counseling
  • It’s all about talking about my “messed up” childhood
  • Counseling/coaching never ends
  • Real men don’t talk about their issues
  • Counseling only makes things worse

What myths are you buying into about men’s counseling? Whatever they are, it’s time to deep six them because Guy Counseling doesn’t roll that way.

The approach we take to counseling is direct, solution focused and goal oriented – which happens to coincide with how many men think.

Here is an analogy. You go to a handyman when you need specialized help with getting something fixed in your home. The reason you choose that handyman is because he has the requisite knowledge and expertise to get the job done.

The handyman you contract with diagnoses the problem and offers solutions. Dr. John Moore does the same thing except he focuses on men’s issues, relationships and life challenges.

If you are a dude, think of going to men’s counseling and coaching at Guy Counseling as a way of helping you get to the root of your problem and move about the business of making things better. Click on this link to see just a few of the men problems we are experienced with. 

Here are some benefits of men’s counseling you might want to consider:

  • Safe place to talk
  • Reduce your stress level
  • Identify your triggers
  • Set real goals for the future

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